Rimowa How To

Get a Rimowa now, P(r)ay later

So you want to buy a Rimowa but pay later or you want to pay it off in several installments. I’m going to outline the options and compare them. I’m curious to see which options have the least interest and fees or which one is the most customer friendly. Let’s see which one comes out on top.

Rimowa News

Rimowa and Corona

The Covid-19 situation has put the world on hold. Luggage is pretty pointless when the world is still. The sales of Rimowa suitcases and luggage in general have seen a…

Rimowa Accessoires

Rimowa will it stick?

Stickers and suitcases have always been a great combination like pizza and pepperoni, ice cream and M&M’s. Or maybe pizza and pineapple, McDonald’s soft serve and fries, Vegemite and avocado….