Rimowa will it stick?

Stickers and suitcases have always been a great combination like pizza and pepperoni, ice cream and M&M’s. Or maybe pizza and pineapple, McDonald’s soft serve and fries, Vegemite and avocado. When travelling you will be receiving stickers left and right. You have maybe put on the first stickers yourself on the suitcase to make it…


Rimowa Essential or Essential Lite

The Rimowa entry models are the Essential and the Essential Lite. Both the Essential and Essential Lite have the signature grooves and are made from polycarbonate. A very robust plastic used in aviation. Eventhough it’s an entry model, the Essential Cabin still comes at a hefty $700 dollar (excluding taxes) and $575 dollar (excluding taxes) for the Essential Lite Cabin.


How to spot a fake Rimowa in 2019

Two years back I wrote an article about how you can distinguish between an authentic and a fake Rimowa. The design from Rimowa has changed the last few years and the fake Rimowa suitcases are all over the place. While traveling I have seen plenty of fake Rimowa suitcases. Some better than others. The sad…

top 5 iconic rimowa models ever made

Top 5 Iconic Rimowa Models Ever Made

In 1937 the first Rimowa suitcase with the famous grooves are produced. The grooves were intended to stabilize the aluminum but became later the trademark for the world famous Rimowa suitcases. Since then many models have been produced some more beautiful then others. From among these models some became instant classics which are highly sought…

Rimowa Warranty

Rimowa and Warranty

What if my Rimowa breaks down? Rimowa makes high quality, robust suitcases but no other item has to to endure as much as luggage. It starts with sitting on your suitcase trying to close it when it’s clearly over packed. After that it doesn’t get much easier for your suitcase. Being thrown into the trunk…