If you are going through our article then you are definitely one of those customers who just found out that their favorite product has sold out on Rimowa. Well, this is not a problem anymore. You can easily track the website to know whenever your favorite luggage piece restocks. But if you are in a hurry to grab your Rimowa products before the restock, then they can now be bought through various online stores and websites.

Most of these websites are selling original Rimowa products with all attached tags in real packaging. Some websites also claim that they provide Rimowa on discounted rates as compared to the original Rimowa website. But, there’s one important question to answer here. Where to buy Rimowa products with complete trust? This is what we are actually going to target through our article.

How to Track Sold Out Articles on Rimowa Website?

If Rimowa Products Runs Out in Stores

If you recently visited your nearest Rimowa store and did not find your most wanted luggage piece then don’t waste a second. Just simply open the Rimowa Official website and there’s a high chance that you will find the product there. It is because the products are constantly restocked on the website.

We will advise you to grab the product right away because if a product runs out in the store, then it is surely going to run out on the website too. One such example is the Rimowa x SUPREME campaign suitcases which literally ran out online within 16 seconds of its product’s release.

If Rimowa Product Runs Out on Website

In the other scenario, if your Rimowa article is out of stock on the Original website, then there are two ways to get that. You can either locate the nearest Rimowa store and shop your article by visiting the store. In this way you can easily select your choice of luggage by looking and finding the most suitable size and color for yourself.

Now, if you live in an area with no Rimowa store nearby, then you can add the sold out items to your wish list on the Rimowa website. This is a convenient way to get notified about restocking of your favorite article. For this purpose you first need to create a customer account on the Rimowa website.

Pre-loved Articles at Rimowa

Rimowa’s official website provides pre-loved articles too. If your required bag is out of stock on Rimowa stores, website and other online stores, then you can avail the option of buying refurbished Rimowa products. The company gives their buyer the facility to return their used Rimowa products. These can then be recrafted for a new buyer. This article would obviously be cheaper than the new Rimowa luggage pieces.

Wait for Restocking on Company Website

Rimowa company continuously restocks their premium products on the company websites and in-stores too. Hence, if you want to buy a product which has run out of stock on both official websites and stores, then you should add that specific product to your wish list. 

You can also think of making contact with the company representative from time to time. They can definitely help you out in tracking the products whenever they restock. Furthermore, the representatives can also check for an alternative to the product which you are looking for. It is because most of the products have quite similar features, so you can choose another suitcase which suits your requirements.

Which Online Stores are Selling Rimowa Products?

There are many online stores which sell authentic Rimowa luggage, handbags and accessories. We will state some of them here for you, which will help you decide and determine which website is the best for you.


So, Amazon is everyone’s favorite when it comes to variety and ease. Well, you can now actually order your favorite Rimowa articles such as suitcases, trunks, backpacks and mobile cases through Amazon too. 

All you have to do is to make an account on Amazon and start browsing through the Rimowa products. Then you can decide and add all your required items in the shopping cart. Just click away the order button and fill in your shipping details. Now, you just have to wait for your Rimowa order to be delivered at your doorsteps.


Ebay is a very convenient website. We say so because it offers preloved and brand new both types of Rimowa articles. So, if you can’t find your favorite Rimowa product anywhere else, then you may find it on Ebay. The wide range of options is just one reason to prefer Ebay. 

It is also a great website as it allows you to buy used items at a lower price as compared to brand new cases. One thing to be considered while buying used products is to make sure that the product, along with being authentic, works smoothly.


This website also claims to sell original Rimowa luggage products. The cherry on the top is that Nordstrom provides free shipping and delivery. So, if you live in one of those countries where this company operates then you should definitely check them out for out of stock Rimowa products.


The Rimowa luggage articles are also available on LYST. This website has further partnered with a few online stores which provide original Rimowa products. This makes it a large store when compared to others and it has made available many out of stock items too.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is an online store with many different products available for customers. The products range from jewelry and accessories to luggage items. Rimowa products are also available on the website for sale. 

Neiman Marcus

The Neiman Marcus store provides low shipping rates and delivery worldwide. Rimowa suitcases along with other products are listed on their website for sale. The company also claims to provide new arrivals on their website too.

FWRD Renew

This website has preloved Rimowa products for sale on discounted rates. This can be great for people who are on a budget and dearly want to buy Rimowa luggage.

Which Stores are Selling Rimowa Near You?

Rimowa articles are sold worldwide in various stores. Buying Rimowa articles through these physical stores allows you to better determine the specifications of the product. These stores include many Airport duty free shops and other luxury luggage stores. We have listed a few of these stores hereby to help you find Rimowa near you.

Rimowa Company Stores

Rimowa company official stores are situated worldwide with most of them concentrated in the U.S.A. and Europe. Their official stores are also present at many international airports. You can easily get your luggage items from the official Rimowa stores. This will also ensure authenticity which is the main requirement while buying luxury products.


At Macy’s you can find anything that you want. It is also applicable to the Rimowa Products. So, you may even find your required out of stock Rimowa luggage pieces at Macy’s. Hence, if you live in the United States then you should definitely check their stores out to buy the Rimowa products with full confidence. It is because Macy’s was established in 1858 and has since been the favorite of its customers due to its genuine products.

Altman Luggage

This store has 100 years of experience in selling Rimowa products. You can find a wide variety of Rimowa products in this store. Furthermore, their Rimowa products are totally legitimate. 

Aleon Case

The Aleon Case is a great store to shop all your luggage needs. You can get your Rimowa whenever you want from their stores nationwide in the United States. Furthermore, the luggage pieces you get from them are totally genuine. Hence you can get your hands on Rimowa pieces which might have run out on the company website.

How to Check if the Rimowa Item from other Stores is Legitimate?

Well, this is a tough question. Considering the fact that it is very easy to create master copies of Rimowa products, one should definitely verify before buying it. It is especially important when you are going to make such a big investment. You should check the credibility of the website by reading their online reviews and testaments. One should definitely conduct rigorous research to check if the webstore is legitimate or not.

We have stated a few of the important facts to be checked by a buyer when buying Rimowa from a new website. Let’s check the salient features of an original Rimowa product.

  1. Authentic Logo

Rimowa articles have the specific ‘RIMOWA’ etched on the surface. You can easily differentiate it from a second copy. This would be easier for their older customers whereas new customers should take some precautions. One should specifically check for the ‘O’ in Rimowa logo, which looks something like this.

  REAL                                                   FAKE

  1. Neatly Arranged Nails

The Rimowa luggage pieces have a specific arrangement of nails on its lower surface. The fake Rimowa products have a very disordered arrangement. This will easily help you know if the product you are buying is fake or not.

   REAL                                                                 FAKE                                                                      

  1. Universal Wheel System

The Universal wheel system is a very special feature of Rimowa company. This feature allows the user to move the wheel on a 360 degree horizontal rotation. It can be very helpful in distinguishing real and fake suitcases of Rimowa.

   REAL                                                                   FAKE

  1. Well-spaced Grooves

The iconic Rimowa’s grooved body is what users love. If you are buying Rimowa from a seller and the product does not have grooves on it, then you gotta take a second opinion.

   REAL                                                  FAKE

  1. Check for the Original Serial Code of the Product

Every Rimowa article has a specific product code which bears immense importance. It is because this code number is used to register the Rimowa article on the company website for services later. Hence, do check the product code before buying any Rimowa product.

   REAL                                                                       FAKE

  1. Better Sound Quality on Knocking in comparison with Fake Product

Rimowa products have top notch quality materials in their products. For this reason, their products usually pass all the tests of quality testing. One such test was applied by a user to differentiate a fake Rimowa suitcase from an original one. It showed that on knocking the surface, the Rimowa suitcase produced a loud sound. On the other hand, a fake Rimowa suitcase had a bad sound quality. 

How to Prevent Rimowa’s Stock Out the Next Time?

Rimowa’s timeless designs and beautiful collections are always sought after worldwide. So, it always has millions of customers and potential buyers who are waiting for their newest collection. 

Hence, it is not surprising that their collections are sold out in minutes and sometimes in seconds of their release. We have found out some ways how you can get your Rimowa before the stock ends.

  • Turn your Email Notifications ON

You can turn your email notifications of the website ON at the Official Rimowa Website. This will help you know about the latest collections, their specifications and their restocking information too. Furthermore, you can also know about specific out-of-stock items by adding them to your wishlist. The company can then notify you about the restocking of products.

Rimowa is also available at many online stores worldwide. You can also register for email notifications at these websites too. This is the next level precautionary measure that you can do to prevent Stock Out.

  • Visit Rimowa Stores Regularly

Visiting the Rimowa Stores after every few days will help you gain ample information about the latest designs and collections by Rimowa. This is also helpful to help you grab the latest products before everyone else. Furthermore, you can also know about restocking details of the articles at their stores.

How to Look for Alternatives to Out of Stock Rimowa Products?

Rimowa collections have a large number of products to choose from. Most of these products are similar to each other and can only be differentiated based on their color, shape, size, or design. These differences are also significant when it comes to the choice of individual people. But, the crux is that most of these Rimowa products can be used in place of each other due to their similarities. 

For example, the Rimowa Essential Sleeve Cabin and the Rimowa Essential Cabin are both quite similar in their specifications and hence can be great alternatives to each other. They are great to work for shorter business trips so users can easily buy one of them if the other is out of stock. 

The Rimowa Never Still Collection is another such example of a collection which has similar briefcases. These briefcases from the collection are different only in their color. Other than that, their features are the same and hence either of them can be bought for the usage of a briefcase.

Rimowa Out of Stock – Final Remarks

Rimowa’s customers have long been bothered by their suitcases going out of stock. But, we have got you a number of ways, through which you can get your hands on your favorite Rimowa items, even if they are finished. You can go to their stores, websites or to their retailers who can help you out in figuring out the problem and giving a solution to it. Furthermore, there are many online marketplaces who deal in genuine Rimowa products and are verified to do so.

It is also advisable to take precautions, if you don’t want to miss out on the latest collection of your favorite luggage brand. You should keep in touch with the company representatives and their website to know all the details of stock. The company can also help you out in looking for an option similar to your choice of luggage.

We do think this article would be useful to all the distressed buyers waiting for their dearest Rimowa products to restock. So a very happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions on Rimowa’s Stock Out

  • How to find Rimowa’s stores near me?

Rimowa has many stores worldwide with most of them in the United States and Europe. You can easily locate a Rimowa store near you by using the Rimowa Store Locator.

  • How to contact the Rimowa Company Representatives directly?

You can contact the Rimowa company Representatives directly on their company number +44 207-660 0547 OR 312-635-6607. An email can also be sent to the Rimowa company at their official email address.

  • What is the shipping policy of Rimowa?

Rimowa provides free delivery for orders above $300, in case of standard shipping. For express shipping, Rimowa charges an extra $35 for shipping earlier than the standard shipping option.

  • How do I claim my guarantee at Rimowa company website?

You can access the Rimowa guarantee by making contact with their company retailers or going to their authorized dealer centers. There, they will determine if your Rimowa product is genuine or not. Then they will make the services as required by you, if it comes under the damage category. All charges in this case will be incurred by the company itself.