Updated on December 5th, 2022

Your Complete Guide to Buy Rimowa Suitcases

Deciding the right luggage can be difficult. There are different sizes, purposes, wheels, organizational styles, and a thousand of other things to consider. And it becomes a lot more difficult if you are buying a luggage worth $800. Because you can afford to go wrong with a $100 suitcase but while buying $800 suitcase, you surely need to think twice before investing.

It can be an overwhelming to decide which one is the right bag for you. To help you in your selection process, in this Rimowa buying guide we will explore a full range of options available for Rimowa suitcases, from aluminium to polycarbonate, styles, features, purposes and more and also help you with the must-know facts to make your decision easier.

Aluminum vs Polycarbonate – Which one to choose?

With Rimowa you get Aluminum and Polycarbonate series luggage to choose from. Both aluminium and polycarbonate series has different product lines, models and different price tags. The price ranges from $600 – $1400. Each has some advantages and disadvantages. So, to make your task easier let’s start by comparing the Aluminum vs Polycarbonate series.

Aluminum – Pros

  • Very robust, premium and distinctive look
  • It is a good investment for frequent travellers
  • Looks better with age

Aluminum – Cons

  • Dents and scratches easily
  • Dents are almost impossible to repair and get back to original form
  • Not as light weight as Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate – Pros

  • Lightweight material
  • Robust material, al most impossible to destroy

Polycarbonate – Cons

  • Though it looks good, but it doesn’t have the premium look and feel like the aluminium ones.

Know your Style and Model

Now you know the pros and cons of both aluminium and polycarbonate series. So let’s move on and check out the different models available for you in these two series.

Well, deciding on aluminium or polycarbonate is purely a personal choice. And I think people thinking to buy a Rimowa, already know which one they like the most. Also they know how they both looks like. So firstly I will help you to select the model, and then we will go deep to more details. There are a whole lot of models to choose from in both the series. So let’s take a look at each of them.

If you prefer the Rimowa aluminium series, then you have the below options to consider. It’s worth mentioning here that Rimowa is the first company to produce luggage made from structural aluminium.

Rimowa’s aluminium range includes (from most to least expensive)

  1. Rimowa Topas Stealth
  2. Rimowa Topas Titanium
  3. Rimowa Topas
  4. Rimowa Pilot (cases open from the top)
  5. Rimowa Classic Flight
  6. Rimowa Attaché (briefcases)

If you prefer Polycarbonate material, which is very lightweight and has its own charm and benefits then you get the following options to choose from.

Rimowa’s Polycarbonate range includes (from most to least expensive)

  1. Rimowa Bossa Nova
  2. Rimowa Limbo
  3. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe
  4. Rimowa Bolero
  5. Rimowa Salsa
  6. Rimowa Salsa Air


After knowing the styles available, now it’s time to know about the purpose for which you want this luggage. The purpose of using the luggage is very important while buying a luggage. Before proceeding, ask yourself the questions below, to know your purpose.

  1. Are you a frequent business traveler going for business trips of a few days several times a month?
  2. You generally fly domestic or do intercontinental travel?
  3. You fly in first class or economy class?
  4. Are you planning holidays of a few weeks?

Before deciding the size of your suitcase, it is important to know for what purpose you are going to use the suitcase. The table below can help you decide on the size Rimowa.

Business traveller 1 – 2 days Business traveller 2 – 5 days Tourist 1 – 7 days Tourist 7 – 14 days Tourist < 14 days
Domestic/Economy Cabin IATA:32L/34L Cabin IATA: 34L Cabin IATA: 32L/34L Check in: 64L/82L/85L Check in: 82L/85L/89L/98L/100L
Domestic/First Class Cabin IATA: 32L/34L

Cabin non-IATA: 45L

Cabin IATA: 34L

Cabin non-IATA: 45L

Cabin IATA: 34L

Cabin non-IATA: 45L

Check in: 64L/82L/85L Check in: 82L/85L/89L/98L/100L
Intercontinental/Economy Cabin IATA: 34L Cabin IATA: 34L

Cabin non-IATA: 45L

Cabin IATA: 34L Check in: 64L/82L/85L Check in: 82L/85L/89L/98L/100L
Intercontinental/First Class Cabin IATA: 34L

Cabin non-IATA: 45L

Cabin IATA: 34L

Cabin non-IATA: 45L

Cabin IATA: 34L

Cabin non-IATA: 45L

Check in: 64L/82L/85L Check in: 82L/85L/89L/98L/100L

Different Rimowa luggage for Men and Women

When it comes to a Rimowa luggage, it’s easier to say what models to avoid if you are a male. But of course, this completely depends on your personal taste. Though it’s not stated anywhere, but I personally feel that the following models are more suitable for women.

  1. Rimowa Topas Titanium
  2. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Oriental Red
  3. Rimowa Limbo Creme White

If you are a women, I think you can carry anything. I always felt that the Rimowa Topas Stealth was more for men, whereas the Titanium is more for women. But to be honest, now feel that a woman looks really cool with Rimowa Stealth. But not sure whether a guy looks good with a Rimowa Topas Titanium, but again I would say it’s totally a personal choice.

Notable Features:

All the Rimowa luggage comes with high-end features to make your journey smooth and hassle free. Let’s have a look at the main features of Rimowa luggage.

  1. Leverage TSA combination locks
  2. TSA combination zipper lock
  3. Retractable add-a-Bag holder
  4. Flap back handles
  5. Electronic tag
  6. Partition on exterior
  7. Flex dividers inside

Where to buy?

If you would like to have free fast shipping and the best deal from a dealership in the United States. Then I would purchase from luggagepros.com. They have a low price and the shipment is free. Other online dealers are zappos.com, nordstrom.com, barneys.com.

If you would like to have the lowest price possible and don’t mind to wait a few days before the suitcase arrive. Then I would go for a Rimowa deal on Ebay. Ebay has the best prices in the world and often shipment is free. Another big advantage is that during the year coupons with a maximum of $100 are available which could get you the extra discount on a Rimowa suitcase.


Rimowa has many patents and trademarks on its designs, so certainly a Rimowa luggage is distinctive. I hope the above information helped you to select your Rimowa luggage. But the most important aspect of a frequent traveler is durability. And with Rimowa, you get both durability with great style that will surely please the traveler in you.