Updated on November 10th, 2022

You think you know how it will be like. But you can only really know once you experience it. This accounts for most things. But with some purchases, which are quite expensive, you want to obtain as much information you can before throwing money at it.


1. Fully aware of your surrounding

Luxury or high end luggage is a strange thing. It comes close to having new white sneakers. You are super aware of your new sneakers and you will make sure they won’t get dirty but in an unexpected moment someone will ruin your day and step on them. You watch your every step and then someone steps on it and ruins your day. The first few days you act like this but you know that eventually they will get dirty.

Tennis Paper GIF - Tennis Paper NewShoes GIFs
New shoes

Having a $1000 dollar suitcase makes you behave in a similar fashion. You want to pack your bags – You are going to think twice before laying it flat on any surface. Handing your suitcase over to the cab driver so he can throw it in the trunk – I’d rather do it myself. You will keep acting like this until you get your first scratch or dent. Then you die from the inside but after that you can behave like a normal person again.

2. Connecting with other travellers

My father used to drive a classic Ford which he kept in superb condition. When we were driving you would see other cars flashing their lights or honking whenever they would pass us. It was a sign of recognition or appreciation. When you travel around with your Rimowa luggage you won’t get honked at but you will see other people looking and recognizing that you have a nice suitcase.

You won’t get this nod of appreciation if you have some Gucci or Louis Vuitton suitcase. I wondered for a long time why other high end suitcases don’t have the same effect on other travellers. The key difference between Rimowa and all other suitcase brands is legacy. The design elements which made Rimowa famous and recognizable are still present in the current models. A design that last for decades is something else than a design that is trendy for a few seasons. That’s why a Rimowa suitcase is not merely a fashion statement or a symbol of wealth, but rather a sign of good taste.

3. Getting complimented on your luggage

While travelling you will get a lot of sincere compliments of people who truly love your suitcase. At least that’s what I experienced the last couple of years. From cab drivers to flight attendants. Especially people working in the travel industry and frequent flyers will recognize your suitcase and will compliment you on it.

My cabin case has stickers from every city or country I travelled to. Especially when you are at the gate and the only thing you can do is wait then you notice that people and kids find the stickers very interesting. Whether you like it or not, it makes a good start for a conversation.

Whether you like it or not, it makes a good start for a conversation.

4. Not wanting to hand over your luggage

Cab driver who wants to help put your suitcase in the trunk – I’d rather do it myself. Flight attendant stuffing your suitcases in the overhead compartment – Please be careful.

united passenger GIF
Looking out of the airplane window – Better take a seat an aisle seat

5. Constantly inspecting your luggage

You checked in your suitcase. The next time you will see it again is at your destination when you collect it of the conveyor belt at baggage claim. First thing you will do is inspect your suitcase on any damages (and I’m not even interested in damages on my content). You bumped your suitcase into a concrete curb. With any other suitcase I couldn’t care less but now I really have to inspect the damage inflicted.

A few weeks back I took a brand new Rimowa Original Trunk on an intercontinental flight. I was really curious what the condition would be once I collected it from the conveyor belt. The photos below show the wear and tear after I collected it from baggage claim. No real dents just a few scratches. Unfortunately none of the scratches can be fixed. The black stains from the conveyor belt can be rubbed off.

I will never be as careful with my suitcase after the first trip. A scratch more or less doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s too bad for the scratches but I’m sort of relieved. At least I can act normal on my next journey.