Updated on September 1st, 2023

Update: 1 September 2023

As of this week the Rimowa covers are not available anymore on the Rimowa web shop. It’s not clear whether they are discontinued or that they will return in the future.

Rimowa suitcase covers are available for the Original Cabin, Check-In L, Trunk Plus, and the Dior x Rimowa cases. The covers are made of ultra-tough material and feature Rimowa branding, effectively protecting your case from scratches and giving you the prestige of toting a Rimowa.

Rimowa suitcases are not only elegant. They are also built tough to last you a lifetime. However, the rigors of travel may eventually take their toll, leaving scuffs and scratches on the exterior of your luxurious luggage.

This is where luggage covers come in! As the name suggests, a luggage cover is worn over luggage during travels to protect it from scratches, scuffs, and dirt.

Rimowa has recently joined the luggage cover market, manufacturing luxurious covers for their luxurious suitcases. Rimowa luggage covers offer their cases maximum protection, giving confidence that your priceless Rimowa will look as elegant in ten years as it does right now.

Given that there are several luggage covers that fit Rimowa suitcases, why should you get a Rimowa luggage cover for your Rimowa suitcase? This article will answer this question.

We’ll look at what the luggage covers from Rimowa offer and compare it with other options. 

Rimowa luggage covers

Rimowa has been very intentional with the release of their luggage covers. In a move that’s obviously to feel the market, Rimowa has released covers for just a few iterations of the iconic Rimowa Original and the Dior x Rimowa model.

Currently, Rimowa only has covers for:

The Dior X Rimowa suitcase adds the iconic Dior Oblique motif to the Rimowa Original case. Thus, all four suitcases that Rimowa has covers for are the same model.

As a result, all Rimowa suitcase covers are similar in style and only differ in size. Each one is custom-made according to the Original Rimowa suitcase dimensions. 

The Rimowa suitcase cover features a luxurious all-black hue and is crafted from resilient water-resistant nylon (similar to that used for wet suits).

The ultra-tough material covers the entirety of the case, featuring openings for only the handles, locks, and wheels. So, it is a reliable cover that effectively resists scratches and scuffs to the case’s body and corners.

The Rimowa covers feature an all-over zipper and magnetic closure, preventing surprised unlatching and making it possible to open the case without removing the cover.

Thus, you do not need to worry about airport security removing your luggage cover without any care or attention. 

It’s no news that airport security often removes luggage covers without care or attention to open a case and access internal items during mandatory inspections.

Completing the luxurious black look of the Rimowa cover is the Rimowa branding by the side handle opening.


With the luggage cover featuring Rimowa branding, you do not need to worry about hiding away your luxurious Rimowa luggage when traveling. 

You’ll still get the prestige Rimowa offers because everyone seeing your covered luggage will still know you’re toting the luxurious brand.

Rimowa Suitcase Covers featuresBenefits
All-black colorOffers a luxurious and mature look
Customized for specific Rimowa casesFits the exterior of the case snugly for a perfect look
Crafted from ultra-tough and water-resistant materialEffectively protects against scratches and scuffs
All-over zips and magnetic closureAllows opening the case without removing the cover 
Rimowa brandingOffers the prestige of toting a Rimowa

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Original Cabin Suitcase Cover

The Original Cabin suitcase cover is customized for the Original Cabin luggage. So, the cover fits the Original Cabin’s exterior like a glove for maximum protection.

The cover’s luxurious all-black look, and Rimowa branding make the Cabin carry-on even more elegant and prestigious as you roll it through a plane/ train aisle.

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Original Check-In L Suitcase Cover

The Original Check-In L suitcase comes with a custom design for the Rimowa Original Check-In L suitcase. It perfectly hugs the case’s 31.2 x 20.1 x 10.7 inch (79 x 51 x 27.5 cm) body.

The tough all-around cover protects the case from scuffs when you deliver it to the airline for storage in the cargo hold.

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Original Trunk Plus Suitcase Cover

The Original Trunk Plus suitcase cover is custom-made for the 31.5 x 14.8 x 17 inch (80 x 36.5 x 44 cm) body of the extra-large suitcase with its 40/60 split opening.

The luggage cover’s magnetic closure and all-around zips cater to the uneven split opening of the Rimowa Trunk Plus. You or officials can access the case items without removing the cover, making handling much easier. 

Dior X Rimowa Suitcase Cover

Dior x Rimowa suitcase sprinkles a Dior motif all over the exterior of a Rimowa Original case. The Dior x Rimowa suitcase covers are specifically made for these combo cases, ensuring their beautiful exteriors remain pristine.

Other luggage covers that fit Rimowa

You’ll find luggage covers from other brands suitable for Rimowa suitcases. These may be good options, especially for Rimowa suitcases for which Rimowa-branded luggage covers are unavailable.

These non-Rimowa suitcase covers suitable for Rimowa cases include:

Gigabit Luggage Protector

The Gigabit Luggage Protector is a clear PVC cover for spinner wheels suitcases. The transparent cover shows off your luggage’s original look. While the clear nylon material may look like a raincoat for your suitcase, it can prevent your luggage from water and scratches.

It’s available in four sizes (up to 30-inch cases), meaning it’s suitable for many Rimowa luggage. 

However, because the Gigabit luggage protector is not custom-made for any suitcase, it may not fit your Rimowa snugly.

It’s easy to slip on. You wear it from the top and secure it with a large velcro strap at the bottom.

Why consider it:

  • Easy to put on

Things to consider before buying:

  • Will not fit your Rimowa case snugly
  • Looks cheap
  • Not as protective as the “wet suit” covers

7-mi Travel Luggage Cover Protector

The 7-mi Travel luggage cover is made of elastic material (8% spandex and 92% polyester fiber), allowing it to offer a stretchy fit and mold to the shape of your case.

The snug fit and black color give the 7-mi travel luggage cover a good feel. The material is relatively thick, ensuring it is durable and adequately protects your case from scratches and dirt.

It’s available in four sizes (up to 32-inch luggage), so it’s fine for most Rimowas. It’s relatively easy to put on and remove. But you have to remove it to access the case’s interior.

Why consider it:

  • Easy to put on
  • It is stretchy

Things to consider before buying:

  • Not water-resistant
  • Not TSA-friendly
  • Has left and right side openings to accommodate either side handle (meaning it leaves a big opening on one side of your luggage)

Is Rimowa Cabin Luggage Harness any good?

The Rimowa Cabin luggage harness is ineffective as a luggage cover because it does not fully protect the case’s exterior. The Rimowa Cabin luggage harness is a traveling solution for people who need to access certain essentials when traveling with their cases quickly.

It boasts a clever formation of pockets and compartments that offer easy access to essentials. 

Two large zipped pockets can each safely fit documents and magazines or even a laptop of up to 16 inches (40.64 cm) in size. Other pockets safely hold phones, electronics, and toiletry.

The harness is made from high-quality nylon, and when strapped to a suitcase, it covers a good part of the back and front, protecting those areas from scratches and scuffs. 

However, since it does not offer full protection, it is not a good substitute for luggage covers.


Some of the most frequently asked questions about Rimowa suitcase covers include:

Should I use a plastic cover or cloth to protect my Rimowa?

Each luggage cover type has distinct features and benefits. So your choice of luggage cover would depend on the specific features and benefits you want to enjoy.

For example, plastic (PVC) covers are thick and waterproof, offering good protection but don’t always fit snugly. 

However, cloth (spandex) covers offer protection while stretching to fit your case snugly to create an impressive look.

Also, some PVC covers come with zips making them TSA-friendly (it’s possible to open the case without removing the cover). 

However, cloth/ spandex covers must be removed to access the interior. So, airport security may manhandle the luggage cover.

Can Rimowa cover protect against scratches and dents?

Rimowa covers protect against scratches and some dents because they are made from ultra-tough nylon material and adequately cover the case’s exterior.

Where can I purchase the Rimowa luggage covers?

Real Rimowa-branded luggage covers are available at official Rimowa stores (physical and online) that offer a wide range of Rimowa products. 

Non-Rimowa luggage covers that fit Rimowas are more readily available. 

You will see them in department stores, general luggage retailers, and online marketplaces (like eBay and Amazon).

Suitcase cover or stickers, which is better for my Rimowa luggage?

A suitcase cover protects your case’s exterior from scratches and scuffs, while a luggage sticker is used to accessorize a case. 

So, if you want your case to look new even after many years on the road, you need a suitcase cover.  But if you want to personalize your case and make a fashion statement, you need a sticker.

You can even enjoy both worlds by using a suitcase cover and putting stickers on it. The cover offers protection, while the stickers personalize it, making your luggage easily identifiable on the airport luggage carousel. Putting stickers on the cover instead of directly on the case keeps the actual luggage clean.

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Takeaway: Use Rimowa luggage covers to protect your suitcase from scratches and dents 

The Rimowa luggage cover is the perfect addition to your luxurious Rimowa luggage if you can’t stand the thought of the pristine aluminum case having scratches and scuffs. 

Luggage covers from Rimowa are available for the Original Cabin, Check-In L, Trunk Plus, and the Dior x Rimowa suitcases.

The luggage covers from Rimowa are durable, secure, and luxurious. They feature ultra-tough materials (allowing them to protect your case effectively), all-around zips (making them TSA-friendly), and Rimowa branding (allowing them to offer a prestige that no other luggage cover can give you).

While there are many non-Rimowa suitcase covers that fit Rimowas, you’ll find them lacking in some ways.

Want to know more about Rimowa suitcases and accessories? Stay tuned to Graceful Degrade as we review everything Rimowa.

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