Updated on November 30th, 2022

Rimowa has a number of suitcases which are suitable for Check-In luggage. Rimowa Check-In luggage is the luggage which can’t be brought on board and is inaccessible during the flight. Check-In luggage is kept in the hold of the aircraft during the flight. The same principle accounts for travelling by train. 

Before you purchase you have to consider the following things:

  1. Duration of travel
  2. Purpose of travel
  3. Maximum weight allowed by airliner

Duration of travel

The duration of your travel determines if you even require a check-in luggage. For short trips a carry-on might suffice. Airliners are becoming more strict on what they allow on board. There is no international standard on what is allowed as carry-on but most airliners allow around 32L. This is the size of small suitcase and can hold clothes worth of about 3 days. If you are planning a trip for more than 3 days, there is a big chance you will need a check-in suitcase. 

Purpose of travel

The purpose of the travel is also something to consider. Rimowa offers different sizes check-in luggage. Some sizes can be less suitable for certain travels. Take for example the Rimowa Trunk. This type of luggage is square in size. The square size can be issue fitting it in smaller vehicles. Especially when travelling within large buzzling cities this can be an issue. For these type of travels I would advise to stay flexible and choose for a smaller size check-in luggage. 

On the other hand, when you think you will take back a lot of stuff, for example when you go for a shopping city trip, then a check-in luggage with a lot of volume will come in handy. 

Maximum weight allowed for Rimowa Check-In luggage by airliner

Each airliner has a maximum allowed check-in weight. On average this is around 50 lbs. Some airliners allow 2 pieces which can’t exceed 50 lbs other airliners apply 50 lbs per piece. The larger the suitcase the more chance you have to over pack. It’s highly advisable to weigh your suitcase before heading to the airport. 

5. Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In L

Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In L
Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In L

The Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In L is great because the size is perfect for a check-in suitcase. It’s the largest size Rimowa is offering and it’s not too large and will fit in every average car sized trunk. The polycarbonate material is super robust and will survive the bumpy journey from check-in until baggage claim. (Still a mystery what happens between check-in and baggage claim). The downside of this suitcase is that it is stripped down to the bear minimum. This is because it is the lightest suitcase in the Rimowa product line. So stripping it down means compromises are made. Rimowa has compromised on the handle. All other models have a telescope handle with 2 bars, this one has only one which is off course less stable than 2 bars. Another downside is that the wheels are the same size as on the cabin sized one. A larger wheel would make a heavy suitcase easier to stroll with. The inside is also very sober and it doesn’t come with a Flex Divider like the Original and Essential line does. The Flex Divider enables you to squeeze your luggage in. This is something everybody can relate to.

4. Rimowa Classic Check-In M

Rimowa Classic Check-In M
Rimowa Classic Check-In M

I just love the aesthetics on the Rimowa Classic. The leather handles in combination with the aluminum just looks great. The size is also very cool. It’s not as lumpy as the larger Check-In L. It’s the perfect size for a week off. The locks are much better than on the Essential because you only have to close 2 lids. On the Essential you have to around the whole suitcase in order to open or close it. The downside is that the wheels are still the same size as on the cabin sized ones. Although the aluminum looks cool there is high probability it will get dented somewhere between check-in and baggage claim. It totally depends on you whether you mind the suitcase gets beaten up or not. 

3. Rimowa Original Trunk Plus

Rimowa Original Trunk Plus
Rimowa Original Trunk Plus

It doesn’t get any cooler than this. It’s an object of art. I have one myself but I’m too scared to travel with it. Normally I don’t mind if gets scratched or dented. For me this model is just too beautiful to check-in. Apart from that it’s the perfect suitcase if you have no limitations whatsoever. It’s the suitcase which can hold the most volume. It might not fit the trunk of a small vehicle or you might overpack and exceed the allowed 50 lbs but you won’t find a more complete check-in luggage than this one. Because of the larger wheels and the square size it rolls very stable and won’t tip over easily. The locks on the Rimowa Original Trunk are the easiest to operate from all the locks Rimowa offers.

2. Rimowa Essential Check-In L

From a price quality ratio perspective this one is perfect for the average traveller. Persons or families who travel once in while this one is perfect. The price is reasonable, the outside is super sturdy, the interior has 2 flex dividers, it comes in different colors and the size is perfect for a family vacation. It has some downsides like the smaller wheels and the tedious way of opening and closing the suitcase. But if you only travel once a year or even less than this is a great suitcase. 

1. Rimowa Original Check-In L

Rimowa Original Check-In L
Rimowa Original Check-In L

This is the check-in luggage which has it all. It has the perfect average check-in dimensions, has large wheels that roll smoothly, easy to operate locks and it has the looks. Additional features are the flap-back handles and the Flex Dividers inside. The suitcase also comes in the colors Stealth (black) and Titanium (bronze goldish). This is a true classic which will last for years to come.