Updated on December 12th, 2022

Luggage stickers rose in popularity in the early to mid-1900s. Travelers used to receive stickers to show where they’ve visited.

Today, luggage stickers are different functionally. But they are making a strong comeback.

The premium suitcase brand Rimowa has joined the luggage stickers market. Rimowa prints a variety of sticker designs that you can use to accessorize your luggage.

What are the Rimowa stickers design ideas, and where can you buy Rimowa luggage stickers? This article will answer these questions and more.

What are luggage stickers and their purpose?

A luggage sticker is an adhesive label specifically made to be pasted on pieces of luggage.

The luggage sticker movement started in the 1900s. The stickers were primarily made for advertising purposes. Airlines and hotels would put their name on the luggage stickers as a form of advertising. 

As travellers’ luggage proudly displays these stickers, the world gets to know about the airline or hotel.

Before long, luggage stickers started functioning as proof of travel adventures. Travellers use stickers to display the places they have been to.

Nowadays, luggage stickers are not made to give travellers a sense of pride or for advertising purposes. Instead, they are used to personalize belongings and to make a fashion statement.

A luggage sticker helps you to identify your luggage at baggage claim easily. This enables you to avoid picking up the wrong luggage. Luggage stickers also serve decorative purposes, helping you use your luggage to show your personality.

Rimowa Suitcase with Stickers

Luggage stickers design ideas

There are millions of luggage sticker designs on the market. Some of the most popular suitcase sticker design ideas are:

  • Typographic designs
  • Drawings and abstract symbol designs
  • Travel destination designs
  • Country sticker designs

Typographic designs

Typographic luggage designs use only text. While they lack images, they often use colors and stylish fonts to create a visually appealing design. The messages of the text also make the typographic designs appealing. The messages range from hilarious to inspirational. 

Rimowa Sticker: Dream without action is hallucination
Dream without action is hallucination

Drawings and abstract symbol designs

Suitcase stickers also feature drawings and abstract symbols. The drawings are representations of animals and objects. While abstract symbols make use of strange-looking shapes. These luggage designs are very creative and interesting art pieces. 

Rimowa Stickers: Drawings and abstract symbol designs
Rimowa Stickers: Drawings and abstract symbol designs

Travel destination designs

Travel destination luggage design shows popular destinations from around the world. Rimowa calls them “City Stickers.” 

The travel destination stickers usually have two main features. The first element is the name of the featured city. The second element is actual pictures or representations of iconic symbols in the city.

Rimowa Stickers: City Stickers
Rimowa Stickers: City Stickers

Country sticker design

Country sticker design features the flag of a specific country. Many country stickers feature only the flag, while others feature an image with the flag. For example, some may show a mascot holding the flag.

Rimowa and stickers. Do they stick?

Rimowa started printing luggage printers in 2014. The company started with the Rimowa Classic. These Rimowa stickers had a vintage feel and featured flying airplanes.

Rimowa Stickers that came with the Classic Flight suitcases
Rimowa Stickers that came with the Classic Flight suitcases

In 2017, Alexandre Arnault took over the management helm of affairs at Rimowa. Then he made significant changes to the Rimowa sticker design.

The company moved away from the “vintage look” stickers and began printing more stylish suitcase stickers. Rimowa partnered with many artists to start producing typographic stickers.

In addition to typographic stickers, they also produced city stickers and country stickers.

As you’ll expect from Rimowa, the stickers’ design and presentation design was top-notch. Though the stickers’ art is high-quality, the designs are clearly aimed at a younger, fashion-minded audience. 

For example, in the city stickers, Rimowa uses representations instead of real pictures. It’s unlikely that older and business-minded audiences will be interested in these stickers. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s worth mentioning because the Rimowa suitcases target professional and business-minded people.

But do Rimowa stickers stick on the Rimowa suitcases? This is an important question because the signature grooves of the Rimowa hard cases lead to uneven surfaces. 

The short answer is “Yes.” Rimowa stickers stick to the Rimowa hard cases. However, how well your Rimowa sticker sticks to your grooved suitcase depends on how you paste it.

First, depending on the model, you’ll find two kinds of grooves on your Rimowa hard case. Older Rimowa models have triangle-like grooves, while the newer models have tube-like grooves. The tube-like grooves make the case’s surface more uneven. This is because there’s a slight depression at the start and end of each raised groove.

Know that Rimowa stickers stick on virtually any clean and dry surface. However, the smoother the surface, the easier it is to paste the sticker. Thus, making a sticker stick properly on Rimowa suitcases with tube-like grooves is trickier.

However, it is possible. So, how do you make a sticker stick well on the grooved surface of a Rimowa hard case?

Let’s start with how you shouldn’t do it!

Don’t paste the sticker on a Rimowa suitcase as you would on a smooth surface. These are small stickers. So, the usual procedure is to peel off the backing. Then holding the sticker at both edges, you paste it 100% on the luggage. Lastly, you rub it in.

The steps described above will work for a smooth surface. But they won’t work for luggage with an uneven surface due to grooves. When the full length of the sticker is placed at once on a grooved suitcase, the sticker will not sit well on the slopes of the grooves. Thus, the sticker will not stick properly and can easily peel off. 

Take the following steps to make your Rimowa stickers stick well on your Rimowa suitcases.

  • Clean the surface of the suitcase where you want to paste the sticker, and let it dry.
  • Peel the sticker backing away.
  • Paste the sticker carefully by putting one edge on the case while holding the other edge.
  • Carefully smooth over to the other edge. As you go, ensure that every part of the sticker is in contact with the suitcase. Thus, you press the sticker into any depression and rise with the grooves.
  • Lastly, rub it in.

With this method, every area of the sticker will sit on the suitcase’s surface. That is, the sticker will stick properly onto the Rimowa suitcase.

Where to buy Rimowa stickers

The best place to buy a Rimowa sticker is the official Rimowa shop. Visit the “stickers” page of the shop, and you’ll find the full range of Rimowa stickers on offer. 

You can also buy a Rimowa sticker from official Rimowa partner stores. Many sellers of original Rimowa suitcases usually have Rimowa stickers. Popular e-commerce sites like Etsy and Amazon are other places where you can buy Rimowa stickers.

Buying a Rimowa sticker from the official Rimowa sticker shop is easy. You can sort the products by “single stickers” and “sticker sets.”

When buying from the online Rimowa UK store, the price of Rimowa stickers ranges from £5 – £40. Single stickers typically cost $10, while sticker sets cost £20 – £40. Shipping takes three (3) days.

Takeaway: Rimowa stickers beautify your high-quality luggage

Rimowa has revived the romantic feel of zapping around the world with suitcases featuring stickers.

Rimowa offers beautiful luggage stickers to match your personality. Rimowa stickers carry the prestigious brand name. So, they are not just decorative. They also give the prestige of having a RIMOWA product accessory.

Want to make a statement with your suitcase? Add one or more suitcase stickers. However, don’t go for just any suitcase sticker. To make a powerful statement, use a top-quality luggage sticker backed by a powerful brand name. None other comes close to a Rimowa luggage sticker.

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