Most Rimowas will fit in the trunk of most cars and leave room for other luggage, except the Trunk XL, Trunk Plus, Trunk, and Check-in Large models. These models occupy larger cubic feet of space and can only fit into most sedans, compact or midsized SUVs or wagons, and larger vehicles.

Road travel has the makings of the perfect adventure. Rimowas are tailor-made for this purpose thanks to their durability and functionality. They can handle a few trips or hundreds of trips. 

It’s always a thrill planning and packing for these things, whether you’re traversing the entire Southern Pan-American Highway or making shorter journeys within the United States.

One of the last things people consider is the luggage they’ll use and how it fits into the car, if at all it does. Being already packed and finding out your Rimowa luggage doesn’t fit in the trunk or car can put a damper on things. 

In this article, we will examine if Rimowa is built for car travel, if it fits in the trunk of small cars, and how big of a trunk you need to travel with a Rimowa by car.

Rimowa Trunk in Fiat 500. Will Rimowa Fit in the Car?
Rimowa Trunk in Fiat 500, but will it close?

Are Rimowa suitcases suited for car travel?

You can use Rimowa suitcases for all kinds of travel, including car travel. Rimowas are made with aluminum or polycarbonate, which makes them extremely lightweight. 

This property means the boxes put less strain on the ball-bearing mounted wheels of your vehicle.

Being one of the lightest bags also means they’re car travel ready for any kind of trip, irrespective of how many stops you need to make on the road. 

I mean, the smallest Rimowa carry-on weighs about 9.3 pounds despite offering top-notch durability. It’s one of the reasons they fit into any overhead bin or compartment. 

Are you traveling through rough or off-road terrain? Rimowa bags can handle any weather and terrain due to their impressive durability. 

As such, you rarely have to contend with damaged luggage issues. Even if you experience such, you can depend on Rimowa’s lifetime guarantee to fix it at a Rimowa store. 

Not only that, but they’re also waterproof and come in various sizes to fit your needs. Additionally, your precious items like Louis Vuitton bags and shoes are safe, thanks to TSA-approved locks. 

What is Rimowa luggage worth if they’re not suited for car travel? Thankfully they are!

Do Rimowa suitcases fit in the trunk of a small car?

To answer this question, you would need to consider multiple variables. These variables include the size of the Rimowa bag and the cubic feet of the car trunk. 

Other features that determine if a suitcase can fit in a small car include the shape of the car and trunk and what you consider a small car. 

Rimowas come in different sizes. For example, the Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-on comes in the following sizes: 

  • Compact: 16 by 16.34 by 9.06 inch
  • Pilot: 16.54 by 19.69 by 9.06 inch
  • Cabin Small: 21.7 by 15.8 by 7.9 inch
  • Cabin: 21.7 by 15.8 by 9.1 inch
  • Cabin Plus: 22.1 by 17.8 by 9.9 inch
  • Check-in Medium: 26 by 17.8 by 9.5 inch 
  • Check-in Large: 31.2 by 20.1 by 10.7 inch
  • Trunk Small: 25.6 by 15.35 by 13.4 inch
  • Trunk: 28.8 by 17 by 14.8 inch
  • Trunk Plus: 31.5 by 14.8 by 17 inch
  • Trunk XL: 31.5 by 17.2 by 18.1 inch

Steps to determine if a Rimowa fits the trunk of a small car

To determine if a Rimowa fits into a car’s trunk, follow the steps below:

1. Get the dimensions of the Rimowa suitcase: You can easily get it on the Rimowa website. 

2. Calculate the cubic inch of the Rimowa suitcases: Start by multiplying the length, width, and depth or height of the luggage. For example, the cubic inch for the Rimowa Original Trunk XL suitcase is 9,806.6 (31.5×17.2 x 18.1) cubic inch.

3. Convert cubic inches to cubic feet: Most cars present their cargo space in cubic feet. To do this, divide the answer from the step above by 1728. So for our example, the Rimowa Original Trunk XL needs a car with a minimum space of 5.68 (9,806.6/1728) cubic feet to fit in. 

4. Google the trunk space of your car or intended car: Google and see if the Rimowa you have can fit into it. 

The only remaining question is if the luggage will easily enter the trunk of the car based on the shape and size of the trunk opening. 

In that case, the box may need to lie flat rather than stand upright. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’ve fastened the content of the suitcase properly. 

But I don’t see that being a problem for most cars, to be honest, even with a car like the Mini Cooper with its 8.7 cubic feet of trunk space.

The Rimowa Trunk XL suitcase will also fit into the trunk of the updated Fiat 500. The updated Fiat 500 has a trunk space of 6.5 cubic feet.  

The Rimowa Trunk shown in the picture above fits in the trunk but the trunk doesn’t close. We had to put the Trunk on the backseat. Luckily it was just the two of us otherwise we had a problem.

Trunk doesn't close with Rimowa Trunk inside
Trunk doesn’t close with Rimowa Trunk inside

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How big of a trunk do you need to travel with a Rimowa by car?

The largest Rimowa suitcase is the Original Trunk XL, with a height of 31.5 inches, a width of 17.2 inches, and a depth of 18.1 inches. 

The Trunk XL suitcase occupies 5.68 cubic feet of space from our calculations. This means the bigger carry-on will likely need a space of 5.68 cubic feet. 

The table below summarizes the minimum space required for different sizes of the Rimowa Original Cabin bag design. 

Rimowa SuitcaseDimensionsSize in Cubic InchSize in Cubic Feet
Compact16 by 16.34 by 9.06 inch2,368.641.37
Pilot16.54 by 19.69 by 9.06 inch2950.591.71
Cabin Small21.7 by 15.8 by 7.9 inch2,708.61.56
Cabin21.7 by 15.8 by 9.1 inch3,1201.81
Cabin Plus22.1 by 17.8 by 9.9 inch3,894.52.25
Check-in Medium26 by 17.8 by 9.5 inch4,396.62.54
Check-in Large31.2 by 20.1 by 10.7 inch6,710.23.88
Trunk Small25.6 by 15.35 by 13.4 inch5,265.73.05
Trunk28.8 by 17 by 14.8 inch7,246.14.19
Trunk Plus31.5 by 14.8 by 17 inch7,925.44.59
Trunk XL31.5 by 17.2 by 18.1 inch9,806.65.68

Rimowa Suitcases like the Trunk, Trunk Plus, and Trunk XL will not fit into the trunk of cars like the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider (3.7 cubic feet trunk space), and the Rimowa Check-in Large will barely fit into the Audi R8 Spyder (3.9 cubic feet trunk space). 


Rimowas are great for all kinds of travel, whether air, land, or sea. They are durable, lightweight, and have many functional aspects. 

With the exception of the Trunk Xl, Trunk Plus, Trunk, and Check-in Large models, other Rimowas will fit in the trunk of most cars and still leave enough room for other luggage. 

The Trunk Xl, Trunk Plus, Trunk, and Check-in Large models will fit into most sedans, compact SUVs or wagons, midsized SUVs, and larger vehicles. 

Do you want to buy a Rimowa and are unsure which model or design to purchase? You can check our guide:  How to Buy a Rimowa (Everything You Need to Know). It will help you purchase original bags at selected Rimowa stores at a discount.