Updated on December 24th, 2022

Want to travel smart? You may have to choose a Rimowa suitcase. Rimowa is the #1 luxury luggage brand, and a Rimowa case is the definition of slick functionality.

Rimowa cases are made of lightweight but sturdy aluminium. So, you can easily zap around with a Rimowa, and you can pack a little extra without worrying about overweight baggage fees. Also, a Rimowa is a piece of super durable luggage that will pass down several generations.

However, being the #1 luxury luggage brand comes at a cost. Rimowa suitcases are relatively pricey. Rimowa prices have been going up for years in a row, with the cost of cabin luggage now surpassing the thousand-dollar mark.

Considering that there are also suitcases for $50 that have the same functionality, $1,000+ is a lot of money for a piece of luggage. So, how do you get a good price for a Rimowa luggage?

You can buy a Rimowa at the brand’s official online or physical store. For discounts on Rimowa, buy from general luggage retailers and online marketplaces like eBay. Also, taking advantage of sales tax and VAT refunds can help get you a good price. 

This article will dive deeper into these Rimowa buying options. At the end of the article, you’ll know how to get the best price for a Rimowa. We’ll also examine Rimowa luggage alternatives and other Rimowa gift options.

Buy from Rimowa’s official stores

One of the best places to buy an item is the manufacturer’s official store. So the ideal place to purchase Rimowa luxury luggage is Rimowa’s official online shop or physical stores. 

A general luggage store sells luggage from different brand names. But a Rimowa store (whether a physical or an online store) sells only Rimowa suitcases. You’ll find Rimowa physical stores in large cities or airports.

Buying from an official Rimowa store has a lot of advantages, including:

  • Guarantees buying an authentic Rimowa
  • Gives access to the full range of Rimowa cases
  • Offers financial benefits, including making paying installment payments

Buying Rimowa luggage at the official store guarantees buying an authentic Rimowa

Official Rimowa stores carry only authentic Rimowa cases. So, buying from an official Rimowa store guarantees you’ll get an authentic Rimowa, not a replica or fake Rimowa.

Given the luxury status of Rimowa luggage, there are different pieces of luggage inspired by the Rimowa design. That is, there are many Rimowa replicas or fakes in the market.

The official Rimowa stores give access to the full range of Rimowa suitcases

When buying from the official Rimowa stores, you can choose from a wider range of Rimowa products. This is because Rimowa allows retailers to sell only a limited range of Rimowa products. However, Rimowa stores hold the full range of available Rimowa products.

When buying from general luggage stores, you’ll be limited to a few Rimowa models or colors. However, when buying from official Rimowa stores, you’ll have access to all luggage models and colors.

Buying Rimowa luggage from the official stores has many financial benefits

The financial benefits of buying a Rimowa from the brand’s official stores include paying with a credit card and paying in several installments.

Pay in several installments

You must make full payment when buying a Rimowa from general luggage stores. However, Rimowa is a luxury brand with suitcases typically costing over $1,000. So, the cost of Rimowa may be too steep for many people. 

Buying from the Rimowa official stores lets you pay for your luxury suitcase in several installments. When checking out in the Rimowa web shop, you can pay using Klarna or PayPal, which both allow installment payments.

Klarna lets you buy your Rimowa suitcase and split the cost into four equal parts. The first payment is taken when your order is processed, and the remaining three are due every two weeks.

Interestingly, Klarna is interest-free. So, you won’t pay anything over the price of the Rimowa. Consider the Rimowa Original Cabin luggage costing $1,400. Klarna chops the huge $1,400 price into four $350 payments, which are easier to handle.

Rimowa Original Cabin price - How to Buy a Rimowa

PayPal gives two installment payments – Pay in 4 and Pay Monthly.

The PayPal “Pay in 4” option is similar to Klarna’s “4 interest-free payments.” Your suitcase price is split into four equal amounts. You pay the first part when your order is processed and pay the other parts every two weeks.

The PayPal Monthly payments make paying for your Rimowa easier. It splits your Rimowa cost into tiny parts that you pay monthly for 6, 12, or 24 months. However, the PayPal monthly payment option comes with a 9.99% – 29.99% interest rate. Generally, the longer you pay back, the higher your interest rate. 

Pay with a credit card

Credit cards offer people a line of credit, allowing them to make purchases and pay back in the future. However, it’s no secret that many stores do not accept credit cards because of the high processing fees associated with accepting them.

Rimowa stores accept card payments, including credit cards. So, your generic luggage store may not accept your credit card. But the official Rimowa online shop will accept your credit card so you can get your luxury suitcase and travel smart.

Rimowa gives better investment over time 

Suitcases undergo some harsh treatment when you travel with them. From luggage handlers at airport tossing them around, to their wheels navigating all sort of surfaces. For this reason, inexpensive options tend to fall apart quickly. Owners of such suitcases will need to buy a new one almost every other time.

That said, investing in a high-quality suitcase like Rimowa is the antidote to buying a new luggage every other time. A Rimowa is a durable suitcase that lasts for generations.

Thus, buying an authentic Rimowa from the official stores guarantees buying a luggage just once in your lifetime. However, with many other brands, you will have to buy a new suitcase very often.

Investing in a high-quality suitcase once is cheaper than having to change your suitcase from time to time. Thus, though a Rimowa is relatively pricey now, it is cheaper in the long run.

For example, consider the Rimowa Classic Cabin that costs $1,475. While the price may seem too much, you will not need to buy another suitcase again. However, buying a $500 suitcase 4, 5, or 6 times in your lifetime will cost you $2,000, $2,500, or $3,000.

Rimowa suitcases benefit the planet in terms of sustainability

Our waste harm the earth when not recycled properly. Sadly, suitcases are not easy to recycle.

Most of the time, local recycling plants do not have facilities to recycle suitcases. Thus, most often than not, old suitcases end up in landfills, where they contribute to the degradation of our beautiful planet.

Thus, buying a new suitcase every other time is not a responsible practice because the old ones may not be recycled properly, and they’ll end up in places where they damage the environment. Buying a high-quality suitcase that lasts a lifetime is the first step toward responsible travel. Since an authentic Rimowa from the brand’s official store lasts a lifetime, buying a Rimowa benefits the earth. It ensures that there’ll be fewer discarded suitcases to hurt the environment.

Buy from retailers and get Black Friday deals

Department stores like Nordstrom or online luxury store Net-a-Porter also sell Rimowa luxury suitcases. You’ll also find the luxury suitcases and other Rimowa products in smaller stores like airport luggage stores.

The smaller stores are mostly very specialized and can give you helpful advice. The larger stores, on the other hand, often have exciting discounts.

One advantage of buying Rimowa cases from retailers is getting sales offers like Black Friday deals. Like most luxury product shops, Rimowa does not offer sales and discounts. Interestingly, many retail stores offering Rimowa sweeten their offers with discounts and coupons.

Buy a pre-owned Rimowa

Another way to get a great price on a Rimowa is to buy a pre-owned one. You can purchase pre-owned Rimowa luxury suitcases on online marketplaces and social media.

Buying pre-owned Rimowa on online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are great places to buy Rimowa suitcases. Some of the best online marketplaces to buy Rimowa are eBay, Amazon, and Grailed.

Buying Rimowa from eBay

eBay has become the biggest marketplace for pre-owned items. You’ll find a host of Rimowa luggage on eBay, including hard-to-find older models that are not being sold by Rimowa anymore.

eBay products are famous for being available at tantalizingly low prices. Thus, you’ll find pre-owned Rimowa on eBay at very friendly price points. 

Buying Rimowa from Amazon

Amazon is another online marketplace to snag Rimowa at accessible prices. Sellers on Amazon sell Rimowa bags ranging from new to pre-owned.

Amazon is famous for fast and free shipping. So, when buying Rimowa from Amazon, you can save tens of dollars in shipping costs and get your item faster.

Buying Rimowa from Grailed

Grailed is fast becoming the largest online marketplace for buying fashion. However, Grailed is not just a destination for men and women wear/ clothing. It also offers fashion accessories like jewelry, shoes, glasses, belts, bags/ luggage, and more.

Rimowa is one of the many designer brands in the bags/ luggage category of Grailed. If you are skeptical about the authenticity of the Rimowa on marketplaces like eBay, Grailed is a good place to turn to.

Buying pre-owned Rimowa on social media

Purchasing a Rimowa through Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and other channels is becoming common. This purchase option establishes direct contact with the seller, bringing different benefits.

First, it creates a more personal experience. Secondly, it reduces the price significantly. Know that online marketplaces charge specific fees/ commissions. So, the sellers in these marketplaces factor in these fees when setting the prices of items. However, people selling on social media platforms dodge such commissions/ fees. So, they can offer their items at relatively lower price points.

Does Rimowa go on sale?

There are many Rimowa physical stores in the U.S. However, Rimowa luxury luggage is not available at a discount at any of these outlets.

Some of the best Rimowa USA stores are:

  • Rimowa San Francisco store, 222 Grant Avenue 94108 San Francisco.
  • Rimowa The Shops at Crystals store Las Vegas, 3720 Las Vegas BLVD 89158 Las Vegas 
  • Rimowa Beverly Hills store, 201A Rodeo Drive 90210 Beverly Hills
  • Rimowa South Coast Plaza, 3333 Bristol Street 92626 Costa Mesa
  • Rimowa San Diego store, 7007 Friars Rd 92108 San Diego
  • Rimowa Dallas store, 8687 N Central Expressway 75231 Dallas
  • Rimowa Fort Worth store, 5151 Monahan’s Avenue 76109 Fort Worth
  • Rimowa New York Soho store, 99 Prince St. 10012 New York
  • Rimowa Boston store, 12 Newbury Street 02116 Boston
  • Rimowa Miami store, 115 NE 40th Street 33137 Miami

Use VAT discounts to buy Rimowa

Visitors to the US can take advantage of tax discounts to get a Rimowa luxury suitcase at a more accessible price.

When you purchase an item in the U.S., a percentage of the price goes to the government as sales taxes. Each U.S. state has different sales tax rates, ranging from 2.9% to 7.25%.

Certain states allow visitors to claim refunds on the sales tax they were subjected to. These states include Texas, Louisiana, and Washington. Thus, when you travel to these U.S. states and buy a Rimowa, you can claim sales tax refunds when leaving the U.S

A sales tax refund act as a discount as it helps bring down the amount paid for your Rimowa luxury luggage.

Is Rimowa cheaper in Germany?

Use VAT refunds when you purchase it in the EU and fly back to the U.S. VAT (value-added tax) is included in the price you pay for goods. If you are not a permanent resident of a European country, you are entitled to a VAT refund if you purchase goods in the country. Interestingly, the VAT rate in the European Union ranges from 5% – 25%.

If you buy your Rimowa koffer (as they say in Germany) suitcase in Europe, you can get back up to 25% of the pretax base price when leaving the territory. Thus, taking advantage of VAT refunds helps you save when buying a Rimowa. Depending on your Rimowa’s cost and the European country’s VAT rate, your savings can be as much as $400.

However, when flying back to the U.S. with a Rimowa bought in Europe, it has to be clear to Customs that the Rimowa is a new one bought in the country. Else, you cannot claim a VAT refund. Thus, the Rimowa needs to have tags and labels that identify it as a new one.

Some Customs would also require it to be empty and packaged. So, carrying your items in it may prevent you from claiming the VAT refund. One way around this is to put all your items in a big soft bag and carry this bag in the Rimowa. Then at the airport, take the soft bag out before presenting the suitcase to Customs for the VAT refund.

Take into account that, upon landing in your own country, you must declare the items you have purchased abroad. This means you will have to pay the VAT at the home rate for the base price of the items. 

Rimowa alternatives 

If Rimowa is too pricey for you, you may look at alternative brands. Some of the best Rimowa alternatives are:

Travelpro Platinum

Travelpro offers beautiful and functional suitcases at a reasonable price points. The Travelpro Platinum Elite Compact is just like Rimowa a hard shell case. Other aesthetic similarities are the grooves and the aluminum corner guards.

Travelpro hard cases have TSA-approved lock and 360-degree smooth-rolling spinner wheels. The Travelpro Platinum Elite Compact Carry-On even comes with a USB-port for charging your electronics.

Travelpro Platinum Elite Compact Carry-On
Travelpro Platinum Elite Compact Carry-On

Tumi 19 Degree Aluminum cases

The 19-degree aluminum carry-on is one of the best suitcases from Tumi. They are durable hard cases made from airplane-grade aluminum.

The distinctive slanting grooves of the carry-on luggage are a beauty. They come with two TSA-approved locks and four dual-spinner wheels.

Level8 Gibraltar Carry-on luggage

The Level8 Gibraltar carry-on luggage is an award-winning luggage finely crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy.

Its grooveless case shell looks clean and sleek. Other features include dual TSA-approved locks, slow-release handles, ultra-quiet 360-degrees spinner wheels, etc.

Monos luggage

Monos aluminum suitcases are outfitted with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell. They also feature vegan leather details, a TSA-approved lock, whisper-quiet wheels, etc.

With a range of sizes to choose from, Monos carry-ons will fit in most US airlines’ luggage sizers and overhead bins.

Other Rimowa gift options

The price of a Rimowa suitcase may deter people who want to gift the luggage. Interestingly, the company has other products you can gift your loved ones. If a Rimowa hard case is too expensive for you, other Rimowa gift options to look at are:

  • iPhone case
  • Airpod case
  • Stickers
  • Sunglasses
  • Organizers

Rimowa iPhone cases

Rimowa iPhone cases are made to match the signature design of the suitcases. The phone cases combine the company’s iconic groove design with premium protection.

They are made from aluminium and shockproof TPU. These materials provide good grip and comfort while protecting the phone against impact forces and scratches. Also, the cases are slim and lightweight.

The Rimowa iPhone cases are available for many iPhone models. These include iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, etc. The cases are available in different colors, including Flamingo Red, Neon Pink, Matte Black, Desert Rose, Aluminum, Cactus Green, Bamboo Green, etc.  

Rimowa Airpod case

The Rimowa AirPods case is made from grooved polycarbonate. In addition to featuring the brand’s iconic grooves, it features the brand’s distinctive monogram.

The case’s interior features grip-friendly TPU that keeps the AirPods secure. It features a discreet opening, allowing access to the charging device. It also supports wireless charging. 

Rimowa stickers

Rimowa prints stickers that people can use to accessorize their suitcases. Even if their suitcase is not a Rimowa, they can paste beautiful Rimowa stickers on it for the feel of zapping around with the prestigious brand name.

Rimowa has different stickers. These include

  • Typographic stickers. These are text-only designs, ranging from inspirational to humorous. 
  • Drawings & symbols stickers. These feature representations of objects and animals.
  • Travel destinations sticker. These are also known as city stickers. They feature amazing cities from different parts of the world. 

Rimowa sunglasses

Rimowa has moved into the eyewear market, as it also has a range of sunglasses designed in Germany. They feature the brand’s signature attention to detail, from premium materials to lightweight frames.

The sunglasses have the brand’s name or logo engraved on the frame to give the prestige of wearing the luxury brand. The Rimowa eyewear collection includes transparent sunglasses, foldable sunglasses, and more. 

Rimowa Organizers

Rimowa also offers organization accessories perfect for both travel and daily use. These include packing bags, packing cubes, travel pouches, and toiletry pouches.

These items are perfect for gifting. They are ideal for carrying essentials when travelling light. They feature the Rimowa brand name and logo, showing you off as bearing the prestigious brand.

Takeaway: Buy a Rimowa at the best price

  • One of the best places to buy a Rimowa is the brand’s official online or physical stores. These places guarantee to get an authentic Rimowa and give a wide range of options.
  • To snag a discount when buying a Rimowa, check general luggage retailers, or buy pre-owned ones from eBay.
  • Sales tax refunds in the US and VAT refunds in Europe can significantly reduce the cost of your Rimowa luxury suitcase.
  • Rimowa luggage is a perfect gift item. But if it is too expensive for you, other Rimowa items are perfect for gifting. These include iPhone cases, AirPods cases, luggage stickers, sunglasses, and organizers.

Want to know more about Rimowa luxury suitcases and accessories? Check Graceful Degrade for everything Rimowa.