Updated on November 14th, 2022

Rimowa prices have been going up for years in a row. With prices for cabin luggage even surpassing the thousand dollar boundary. I believe it’s hard to sell once you have passed thousand dollar for a suitcase. It’s similar to what has happened to iPhones. Once iPhones were costing more than a thousand dollar, people starting to get hesitant and after that Apple tried to keep prices under the thousand dollar range. There is apparently a big difference between $999 dollar and $1000 dollar. And besides that there are also suitcases for $50 dollar which have the exact same functionality.

So either way it’s a lot of money for a piece of luggage. So let me help you and guide you on where to get best price for Rimowa luggage. There are a few options:

Buy from an official Rimowa store

Either through a physical store or their webshop. Downside is that there is no discount and you will pay the full monty. I’ve purchased from a Rimowa store and from a retailer. Personally the experience from a retailer, it was a general luggage store, was far more better than at the Rimowa store. I believe it’s because in a luggage store the personnel has a much broader knowledge of luggage and travel experiences then an employee in a Rimowa store. They are very much focussed on the brand Rimowa, which is also what is expected of them. This was a one time experience and I don’t want to generalize.

The upside from buying in a Rimowa store is that you have access to the all models and colors. Rimowa only allows retailers to sell a limited range of Rimowa products.

Buy from Retailers

Rimowa suitcases are also sold by departments stores like Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter but als smaller stores like luggage stores on airports sell a limited range of Rimowa products. The smaller stores are mostly very specialized and are able to give you very helpful advice. The larger stores on the other hand often have interesting discounts.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are a great place to buy Rimowa suitcases. However big marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are becoming less interesting for sellers. Fees are sky high and they are obliged to collect taxes on behalf of the state, even on used products.

Upside is that you can’t find pre-owned luggage and older discontinued models that are being sold by Rimowa anymore.

Social Media

Purchasing through Instagram, Whatsapp, Shopify, Facebook and other channels is becoming more common. Direct contact with the seller which makes it a more personal experience. Circumventing marketplaces and purchasing directly from the seller reduces the price significantly. The web of Facebook shops, Instagram accounts and Whatsapp telephone numbers can be indecipherable and confusing.

But where is it the cheapest?

Buying it directly from the seller either through Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp is the cheapest since no additional fees have to paid. Be sure to pay with payment service which offers buyer protection. In case of any problems you can issue a refund.

How do I know it’s authentic?

There are many fake Rimowa suitcases around some real bad fakes and others indistinguishable from the real deal. The only way to truly know whether you have a real one or not is to register the serial number online. If the serial number is from an authentic Rimowa suitcase then you can register it to your name and the 5 year warranty starts from that point on. So make sure the seller guarantees that you can register it on the Rimowa website.