Updated on December 21st, 2022

20% off. $100 off. Buy 1, get “X” free. These are some of the promotional offers that make holiday shopping very popular.

You’re not alone if you’re drawn to such offers. Everyone loves a discount. No matter how large or small a discount is, it helps you save money as you shop.

People often wonder whether they can get a RIMOWA at a discount. A RIMOWA is the Rolls Royce of the luggage world. It is a high-quality, super-durable aluminum suitcase with an iconic grooves design. With TSA-approved locks and a high-end multi-wheel system, it is the perfect easy-to-move luggage when traveling for business or vacation.

RIMOWA is the go-to brand for prestigious luggage. But can you get the double coup of getting a luxurious Rimowa at a discount?

Rimowa luxury suitcases are unavailable at a discount in RIMOWA outlets. However, this does not mean you cannot save money when buying a luxury RIMOWA suitcase. You can save money by taking advantage of general retailers’ coupons, VAT refunds, sales tax refunds, and exchange rates.

This discussion will dive deeper into these RIMOWA buying options that can help you save money.

What is an outlet? Is there a RIMOWA outlet?

An outlet is a physical store that a particular manufacturer uses to sell some of its products directly to the public at a discount. 

Is there a Rimowa outlet?
Designer Outlet

Outlets differ from stores. While stores carry the latest products at regular prices, outlets are used to clear out unsold products. So, outlets carry mostly irregular, outdated, or surplus products.

RIMOWA has stores in major cities of the world. However, there is no such thing as a RIMOWA outlet where you can find the luxury suitcases at a discount. 

Rimowa Store Fort Worth
Rimowa Store Fort Worth

Where can you buy RIMOWA suitcases?

RIMOWA stores are some of the best places to buy Rimowa luggage. Buying from the official store guarantees getting an authentic Rimowa suitcase. Rimowa stores hold the full range of Rimowa products. You’ll find different models, colors, etc. So, buying from the Rimowa outlets gives you a lot of choices. 

Apart from the official Rimowa stores, other places to buy Rimowa include department stores, general luggage retailers, and online marketplaces.

  • Department stores. Rimowa luggage is among the many varieties of goods you’ll find in department stores. You can buy Rimowa in the luggage section of department stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc.
  • General luggage retailers. Rimowa is among the luggage brands you’ll find in many luggage-only stores. You can buy Rimowa suitcases from luggage retailers in major cities and airports. 
  • Online marketplaces. A place to snag Rimowa luxury luggage is online marketplaces like eBay, Grailed, StockX and Amazon. These places are popular for buying pre-owned Rimowa.

Where can you get a RIMOWA at a discount?

While official Rimowa brick-and-mortar stores are the best places to buy Rimowa, they do not offer discounts. However, you can save big when buying RIMOWA by taking advantage of retailers’ discounts/ coupons, sales tax, VAT refunds, exchange rate differences, etc.

Snag Rimowa on the cheap using discounts/ coupons at retailers

One of the best ways to save money when buying a Rimowa is to look out for coupons and promo codes in department stores and luggage-only retail shops.

It is not uncommon for general retailers to offer special deals and promotions on their stock. Thus, you may find those attractive “x% off” or “$x off” offers on Rimowa luggage in department stores and luggage-only shops.

Bring down the cost of your Rimowa using VAT refunds

If you are a traveler to European countries, one of the best ways to save money on a Rimowa purchase is to take advantage of VAT refunds. You can easily save $400 or more with VAT refunds when you buy a Rimowa.

A VAT refund is the refund of the VAT included in the price you pay for goods. If you purchase an item in a European country but are not a permanent resident of that country, you are entitled to a VAT refund when leaving the country.

The VAT rate in the European Union ranges from 5% – 25%. So, when you buy a Rimowa in Europe, you can get back up to 25% of the pretax base price when flying out of the country with the Rimowa. Depending on the cost of your Rimowa, and the VAT rate of the European country you made your purchase, you can get back around $400. 

To claim VAT refunds on a Rimowa, buy it in a European country, and present it to Customs at the airport when leaving the country.

Know that you’ll need to prove that it is a new Rimowa and that you bought it in the country. So, in addition to having your receipt, your Rimowa needs to have all its tags in place. You may also need to present the Rimowa to Customs empty.

Slice the cost of your Rimowa using the different sales tax per state

One way to save on a Rimowa purchase in the U.S. is to take advantage of sales tax refunds.

VAT refunds are not applicable in the U.S., but sales tax refunds are (in some states). In America, a percentage of the amount paid for goods goes to the government as sales tax. Sales taxes are governed at the state level. So, the sales tax rate differs by state, ranging from 2.9% to 7.25%.

Some U.S. states refund sales tax to foreign visitors for purchases made in the state. The U.S. states that provide sales tax refunds are Texas, Louisiana, and Washington. 

So, when you visit Texas, Louisiana, or Washington, you can get back up to 7.25% of the money spent on buying a Rimowa luxury suitcase. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can also claim sales tax refunds if you travel out of the U.S. within 30 days of your purchase.

Buy Rimowa luggage on the cheap using price difference per country

Know that no commodity has the same price all over the world. The prices of an item differ in international markets due to many factors (such as government taxes, legal restrictions, transportation costs, transaction costs, etc.). 

So, another way to save on a Rimowa purchase is to take advantage of price differences in different countries. This simply means you should buy your Rimowa in a foreign market if it is cheaper to buy it there than in your local market

This buying option works because the price of Rimowa differs in different countries. Before your trip, research the costs of Rimowa in the different markets, and plan to make your purchase where it is cheapest.

You can save hundreds of dollars on your Rimowa purchase by taking advantage of price differences in different countries. For example, as of writing, the Rimowa Original Cabin cost $1,400 in the U.S. But it cost €1,080 in Germany. Using the current exchange rate, €1,080 is $1,134. So, you’ll save $266 by currently buying the Rimowa Original Cabin in Germany instead of in the U.S.

Rimowa Germany Price

Save on a Rimowa purchase by taking advantage of exchange rates

The exchange rate tells you how much you can buy in your destination country.

A strong local currency means items will be cheaper in your destination country, allowing you to buy more. Conversely, if the local currency is weak, you may want to postpone your trip because everything will be expensive in your destination country.

So, one of the best ways to save money on a Rimowa purchase is to buy the luxury suitcase when on a trip to a country suffering currency depreciation.

For example, there is no better time to buy a Rimowa in Europe than now. This is because the Euro’s price has been falling in terms of its exchange rate versus the dollar.

Towards the end of 2021, one Euro cost $1.20. By the beginning of 2022, it cost $1.13, and as of writing (December 2022), it has plunged to $1.05. Consider how the exchange rate affects how much the €1,080-priced Rimowa Original Cabin will cost someone who takes dollars to Germany to buy it.

Euro to Dollar exchange rateDollar equivalent of the €1,080 Rimowa Original Cabin
End of 2021€1 = $1.20$1,296
Beginning of 2022€1 = $1.13$1,220.40
Currently (end of 2022)€1 = $1.05$1,134

Thus, you will need $1,296 to buy the €1,080-priced Original Cabin in Germany just over a year ago. But because of the exchange rate movement, you will need just $1,134 to buy the same €1,080-priced luggage today.


Rimowa has many stores in different cities of the world, where it sells a wide range of authentic Rimowa luxury suitcases.

But Rimowa does not have outlets where it offers products at a discount.

However, you can save on a Rimowa by taking advantage of retailers’ discounts, VAT refunds, sales tax refunds, price differences in different countries, and exchange rate movement.

  • To take advantage of retailers’ discounts, look for promo codes in department stores and luggage-only shops offering Rimowa.
  • To take advantage of VAT refunds, buy your Rimowa in Europe and claim a VAT refund when flying out of the country.
  • To take advantage of sales tax refunds, buy your Rimowa in Texas, Louisiana, and Washington, which refund sales tax for purchases made in the states.
  • To take advantage of price differences per country, buy your Rimowa in a foreign market where it is cheaper.
  • To take advantage of exchange rate movement, buy your Rimowa in a foreign country with a weak currency.

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