Updated on December 5th, 2022

The Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium is a user-friendly unique suitcase built for a short weekend or business trip.

Before I delve into a detailed review of this elegant piece of travel luggage, let me give you a little bit of history:

As I mentioned in a previous post, there has been a change since the Louis Vuitton group acquired Rimowa. This change also affected some of Rimowa’s product lines, such as the Rimowa Topas model changing its name to Rimowa Original. 

The Topas model used to be silver colored and comes as a separate product range from the more exclusive and expensive Topas Stealth and Topas Titanium. However, this year the Stealth and Titanium are no longer a distinct product range.

Rimowa now only has the Original model, and concerning the Original Cabin, it comes in five variations of color. Many aspects of this suitcase are similar to that of the Rimowa Classic I previously reviewed.

How often do you take business trips? If you like to travel in style, save costs and make your travels more enjoyable, the Rimowa Original Cabin is an excellent luggage option.

In this piece, I review the Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium sharing details on the unique aspects of this model, its cost, use, and pros and cons.

With that said, let’s dig in!

Main features of the  Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium 

The Rimowa Original Cabin is an exquisite suitcase made from high-end anodized aluminum. Together with the Rimowa Classic Cabin, it’s one of the most popular Rimowa models. 

The Original product range has three cabin models the M, S, and the plus. However, before you make a purchase, you need to be sure of your needs, or you may end up buying the smaller size with less room or the largest Cabin, the Plus, which might not be allowed on board on certain airliners. 

The middle-size model, which I will discuss in this article, gives you the best concerning size when taking short trips. This is probably the reason it’s so popular. 

Below I discuss some of its main features:


The Rimowa Original Cabin I’m reviewing is made in Germany. It was also purchased in Germany. Chances are that the Original Cabin you will get is manufactured in Canada if you purchase it in North America. The Rimowa Original Cabin has the following dimensions:

  • Size: 21.7 x 15.8 x 9.1 INCH (55 x 40 x 23 CM)
  • Weight: 9,5 Lbs (4.3 Kg)
  • Volume: 9,2 GAL (35 L)


Rimowa Box
Rimowa Box Label
Rimowa Box Label

Previous models had the Rimowa logo on the box. However, the Original Cabin box is completely blank except for the label, as seen in the pictures above. The tape on the outside shows a mark where you have to open it with a box cutter. 

I believe the reason for removing the logo from the box is that Rimowa depends more on online sales, which requires the item to be shipped. Hence, removing the logo covers up the item’s value, reducing the chance of it being embezzled in the process.

Once you open the box, the inside is similar to that of the Rimowa Classic, and the box has an extra carton inside for extra protection.

Beneath that, you will find the actual suitcase covered in a dust bag. Previous models had a transparent plastic bag covering. The dust bag is a real improvement and gives it a luxurious touch and feel.

Undressing the suitcase from the dust bag reveals a beautiful golden bronze suitcase. 

The spot where the Add-A-Bag holder used to be has been replaced by a solid piece of aluminium carrying the Rimowa logo, as seen in the image below.  

Rimowa Logo
Rimowa Logo

Regarding the exterior design, that is the only thing that bothers me. It feels out of place. I tried to get used to it, but I couldn’t because of the following reason: 

German design is often built for functionality and designed in perfect harmony. Porsche, Glashütte are good examples of German brands that know how to harmonize functionality and design.

Before the change, the Add-A-Bag holder acted as a fastener allowing additional luggage to be secured directly to it. Hence there was design and functionality. 

Now it’s just a place that only shows the brand. 

Is this Louis Vuitton telling us this is not a German-designed suitcase anymore?

Are we breaking with German design principles? 

I can’t give you another example of a feature on any other Rimowa case which is so in your face and doesn’t have any functionality.

Exterior and interior design

Rimowa Cabin Titanium
Rimowa interior

The exterior is just exquisite, and there is no other suitcase out there that comes close to the Rimowa Original Cabin.

Rimowa Tag
Rimowa Tag

The tag on the outside has some lovely details to it. The rivet with the Rimowa logo, the text Rimowa which is embossed, and the seal also has the logo on it. 

Other fascinating features on the outside are the hinges, the locks, and the wheels.

The Rimowa logo is engraved on the hinge, as seen in the image below. Previous models had ‘Made in Germany’ or ‘Made in Canada’ engraved on them, while some did not have any engraving, meaning they were made in the Czech Republic. 

This new design solution is more consistent; however, I liked the ‘Made in Germany’ engraving on the Cabin.

Rimowa Hinge
Rimowa Hinge


The Original Cabin model is available in five colors (Aurora Borealis, Silver, Titanium, Quartz Pink, and Black). However, my favorite color is Titanium. Whereas the Stealth or black color has a more serious, business sense to it, I like the elegant feel the Titanium color offers. 

For me, the silver version is in the middle (an all-purpose color).

Furthermore, the layout of the Rimowa Original Cabin interior has stayed the same. The interior is identical for all five colorways. Previous versions either had a blue or a black interior. 

Rimowa Interior
Rimowa Interior

Flex-Divider System

Rimowa Interior
Rimowa Interior

Two Flex Dividers keep your luggage in place. The Flex Divider has a pouch where you can put small items, like underwear or socks. 

The Flex Dividers are kept in place with Velcro. Even under tremendous pressure, the Velcro works fine and doesn’t come off.  

I think the Flex Dividers are relatively large for the already limited space. But they are more convenient than straps that hold your clothes in place.

It is essential to note that a portfolio can be found in the Flex Divider, which holds the manual, warranty documents, the leather luggage tag, and a sticker sheet.

Rimowa Cassette
Rimowa Cassette
Rimowa Drawing
Rimowa Drawing
Rimowa Leather Tag
Rimowa Leather Tag

The cassette or portfolio where the documents, stickers and luggage labels are is made very well and has a lot of attention to detail. Even the pages of the manual look nice, with artistic drawings on each page.

TSA-approved locks

Rimowa TSA-locks
Rimowa TSA-locks

Compared to other brands that do not have the TSA-locks, the Rimowa Original Cabin comes with The TSA-locks feature, which has not changed in the last couple of years. This TSA-lock feature makes the luggage super-secure and makes it easy to do security checks without damaging the bag. 

If a piece of luggage does not have a TSA-approved lock, TSA agents may forcefully open your suitcase and cause damages beyond repair.

Telescopic Handle

Rimowa Telescope handle
Rimowa Telescope handle

The handles have remained unchanged over the past few years and are designed to provide seamless stage-free adjustability for maximum comfort and fluid manoeuvrability.

Multiwheel® System

Rimowa Multiwheel

The Rimowa Original Cabin features a high-end multi-wheel system whose design has remained unchanged over the past few years, except that it now has the Rimowa logo on it.

The Rimowa Original Cabin has smaller wheels compared to the Check-In model. Although it doesn’t roll as efficiently as the Check-In model, it does the job thanks to ball-bearing mounted wheels with cushioned axles.

Materials and durability

As aforementioned, this model is available in five colours; and each is made using the same premium materials listed below:

  • Outside: Aluminium
  • Inside: Polyester
  • Handles: Plastic
  • Wheels: Hard plastic
  • Dividers: Polyester

Concerning durability, the Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium is engineered with longevity in mind using high-end anodised aluminium. However, its lightweight aluminium makes it less durable. Hence, It scratches and dents easily over time.

If you worry about how secure your item will be if exposed to dirt, dust or water, here is the deal, the Rimowa Original Cabin features a rubber seal, which makes it waterproof. Hence, the items in your luggage will be safe from moisture and dust, no matter how long they are exposed.

Storage capacity

The Rimowa Original Cabin is German-designed and engineered to fit in most aeroplane overhead bins. It’s built to have a storage capacity to cover a trip that will take less than five days.

How much does the  Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium cost? 

Even though the Rimowa Original Cabin is available in five colors, there is no price difference between them.

To purchase one Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium collection costs $1,400.

Best uses for the  Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium. Is it worth it?

This lightweight carry-on luggage is perfect as a travel bag for a short weekend or business trip. 

You may want to know if it’s worth it, given the pricey tag of most Rimowa products.

The Rimowa Original Cabin is designed and engineered in Germany, using premium materials that ensure the longevity of the luggage.

In addition to the high-end materials used in making the bag, Rimowa ensures that every luggage piece it produces is individually tested and approved by TÜV RHEINLAND after passing through stringent quality control tests successfully.

Rimowa may be too expensive for some, and it will scratch over time; however, users of this Cabin luggage love the brand. 

Furthermore, the free return policy and the lifetime guarantee on suitcases that Rimowa offers make it worth the purchase. Just ensure you remember to register the luggage online at rimowa.com.

With that said, If you are the type who loves subtle differences, trendy yet convenient, and quality of the highest calibre and can afford to spend on luxury goods, then Rimowa Original Cabin is definitely for you.



  • The Rimowa Original Cabin features a rubber seal, which makes it waterproof. Hence, the items in your suitcase will be safe from water and specks of dirt, no matter how long they are exposed.
  • It is shockingly lightweight. You don't have to check it, which saves you some money on baggage fees.
  • Rimowa Original Cabin comes with RIMOWA's lifetime guarantee.
  • The Flex Dividers look is sturdy and ensures that the contents of your suitcase will not budge an inch in transit.
  • Four multi-directional spinner wheels for effortless mobility.
  • The telescopic handles offer superb manoeuvrability of your Rimowa Original Cabin. 
  • The telescopic handles offer superb manoeuvrability of your Rimowa Original Cabin. 
  • TSA Lever Action Locks add security and can be opened by customs for security checks without any damage to the lock
  • It has more than three color options.


  • Storage space can't cover trips up to five days or longer
  • The lightweight aluminium makes the suitcase less durable. Hence, It scratches and dents easily over time.
  • It commands a higher price tag compared to other brands.
  • It has smaller wheels; therefore, it doesn't roll as efficiently as other Rimowa products with larger wheels. However, It does the job well.

Final Verdict

I have given a detailed review in this piece to help you decide if investing in the Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium is an excellent option for you.  In this Rimowa titanium review, I gave insight into what you should expect to see when you unbox it, its dimensions, storage capacity, and the materials used in making it. I also mentioned that the Titanium is no longer a model of its own but is now one of the five color variations of the Rimowa Original Cabin model. However, I particularly preferred the Titanium color because of its elegant feel.  Although the Rimowa Original Cabin is a high-end suitcase, the upgrades the bag received under the new French regime made the suitcase more of a luxury item than the functional business travelers luggage it was.  Also, with the recent collaborations with Fendi and Supreme, Rimowa is becoming more of a fashionista must-have. If you are the type who loves subtle differences, trendy yet convenient, and quality of the highest caliber, then the Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium is a fantastic brand for you. To purchase the Rimowa Original Cabin Titanium, visit the Rimowa website to get an excellent deal on this multi-wheel carry-on luggage!