Updated on December 28th, 2022

Are you looking for an excellent travel suitcase, a true Rimowa carry on that is trendy yet durable? Consider the RIMOWA Classic Cabin.

This bag is designed specifically for travelers who want to travel light. It has enough space to store a few days’ worth of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials and is incredibly lightweight.

RIMOWA has been designing great pieces of luggage since 1898. Today, being a part of the LVMH family, they offer high-quality, stylish luggage such as Classic Cabin, laptop bags, phone pouches, and other accessories. 

No doubt, RIMOWA pays good attention to the quality and design of its products. This Classic Cabin model was not left out with the seamless combination of luxury and functionality.

For all those who prefer to avoid lugging around their entire wardrobe, the RIMOWA classic is a fantastic choice. It does the job of packing your items well and will look great. 

If you are yet to be convinced, you must read this article carefully. 

In this piece, I will share details of everything you need to know, including the pros and cons of the RIMOWA Classic Cabin, if it is worth investing in, and more.

Let’s get started!

Main features of the RIMOWA Classic Cabin

The Rimowa Classic Cabin (97353004) is designed for the most demanding travelers and seamlessly blends luxury and functionality. 

It combines the best of both worlds, such as the classic, recognizable aluminium look and the price of the polycarbonate models. 

The Classic models have a retro look but are equipped with modern features like the TSA locks and the Multiwheel system. 

This Classic product range has two cabin models – the Cabin S and Cabin. The Cabin S suitcase is the smallest IATA cabin trolley from the Classic models. 

Here are some of its main features:


The Rimowa Classic Cabin has the following dimensions:

  • Size: 21.7 x 15.8 x 7.9 INCH (55 x 40 x 20 CM)
  • Weight: 9,2 Lbs (4,2 Kg)


This Classic Cabin was the first Rimowa I owned and traveled with. It felt pretty cool to own a Rimowa and travel with it. I also remember that I was just too careful with the case. 

I was too afraid that it might get scratched or dented. 

It’s like when you have new white sneakers. If somebody steps on them, you have to neutralize them. But there is no escaping it; your Rimowa will get scratched and dented someday.

But let’s start from the top. An important thing to look for is where the suitcase is manufactured. You can find it on the label. This says CZ, meaning it’s made in the Czech Republic. 

Rimowa Classic Cabin Label
Rimowa Classic Cabin Label

The Classic I used to own was made in Germany. I wonder why they shifted production to the Czech Republic. Perhaps the labor costs are a lot cheaper in CZ. I’m always a bit disappointed when I buy a Rimowa that is not made in Germany. As of 2022 all the aluminium models are made in either Germany or Canada.

The label also holds the serial number and the EAN/UPC number. You can check the Rimowa website for the serial number to see if you have purchased the correct one.

The box is made of a double-layered carton and is closed with Rimowa labelled tape on both sides. However, when you purchase a Rimowa online, the box could have been opened already.


Rimowa Classic Cabin Label
Rimowa Classic Cabin Box

The seller could have inspected the item before shipping, or if you bought it abroad, the customs could have checked it. No worries, the box and suitcase has more indicators to help you check if the item is new and genuine. 

When opening the case, you should find some extra protection cartons. The case comes in a cotton dust bag.

Rimowa Classic Cabin Dust Bag

The silver aluminium alloy gives that premium look and feel. Both handles on the side and the top are made from leather. The leather complements the silver aluminium and adds to the retro look.

Exterior and interior design

The Rimowa Classic Cabin is fantastic luggage made from high-end anodized aluminium alloy. 

Because the Classic models are lower priced than the Rimowa Original (initially called Topas), Rimowa had to save on some features. 

The first thing that strikes me is the different kinds of locking systems. It’s still an IATA combination lock, but it’s an entirely different system than on the Rimowa Original. 

Rimowa Classic Cabin TSA lock
Rimowa Classic Cabin TSA lock

Also, it doesn’t come with an Add-a-Bag holder, and the corners are less rigid than the ones on the Topas. 

The corners have a polished look. However, if you are familiar with my blog post, you may be aware that I prefer the matte look. 

Finally, I appreciate the attention to detail. The small aircraft on the rivets are something I only noticed after a few months.

Rimowa Classic Flight Cabin Multiwheel Rivet
Rimowa Classic Flight Cabin Multiwheel Rivet

Luckily this case is still handmade, and every case is inspected before leaving the factory. This inspector’s name is stamped in the warranty booklet.

Other notable features concerning the exterior and interior include the following:

Flex-Divider System

The Classic Cabin only has one height-adjustable Flex-divider with a zipper pocket in the top compartment. While at the bottom compartment, there are two elastic cross straps and two slip pockets on the top and bottom of it. 

Although they are frequently referred to as “shoe pockets,” they are by no means just used for shoes.

The single Flex-divider isn’t an issue. I think two Flex-dividers are too much for a cabin case, in my opinion. 

Both Flex Dividers help keep your luggage’s items, such as underwear and socks, organised during transit. 

TSA-approved locks

This Rimowa Classic Cabin has a double latch closure, making your luggage more secure. The bag features a TSA lock that can only be opened safely by TSA agents.

Also, the latch locks seem sturdy and reliable and perform efficiently. With other brands, sometimes you may need help to close them well. But with these suitcases, closing the latches together is efficient.

With that said, I wouldn’t say I like the locks on the Classics. I prefer the locks on the Rimowa Original collection.

People see a metal square and need help figuring out what to do with it. Should they press it? Twist it? 

Rimowa Classic Cabin lock

To open the lock, they first need to have the combination correct, and then they should slide it outwards. It’s not that hard, but I understand that people just don’t get it. 

Furthermore, It is essential to note that there is a new improvement on Cabin S. In the previous design when you slide the lock, the metal flap is released with so much force that you will wake up everyone in the house. 

The noise it made used to be the second reason I was not too fond of the locks. 

But now, rubber wedges are between the locks and the outer shell. As a result, the latches won’t bounce against the suitcase’s shell when you open them. 

Hence, the absence of loud noise. A minor feature, but an improvement you will appreciate just as I do.

Rimowa Classic Cabin Latch
Rimowa Classic Cabin Latch

Telescopic Handle

The Rimowa Classic Cabin has three handles altogether. There’s the telescopic wheel handle and two other side handles (one on the top and the other on the side)

Rimowa Classic Cabin Telescope Handle
Rimowa Classic Cabin Telescope Handle

Two of the three handles are made of leather which is excellent. Only the telescope handle is made of aluminum and plastic.

Rimowa Classic Flight Cabin Multiwheel Leather Handles
Rimowa Classic Flight Cabin Multiwheel Leather Handles

I specifically like this leather accent, and this is one thing that Rimowa Classic Cabin did much better than on the Original (Topas). The Original (Topas)handles are robust, no question about it. But aesthetically really dull.

Leather tends to look even better when it gets older and used. The handles on the Classic fit the retro look. 

The leather handles also have a much better grip and maximum comfort than the handles on the Topas.

Multiwheel® System

Rimowa pioneered the Multiwheel system. It guarantees stable and effortless steering. 

The Multiwheel system on the Classic models is the same as on all the other Rimowa models. You won’t find another trolley that rolls as smoothly and steadily as a Rimowa. 

The hinges strangely don’t say “Made in the Czech Republic”. It says Rimowa on one side, while the other side of the hinge is just empty. 

However, the cases that are made in Germany or Canada have “Made in …” on the hinges. 

As of 2022 the hinges are engraved with the Rimowa logo.


The exterior of the Rimowa Classic Cabin is available in two colors (silver and black). 

Rimowa Classic Cabin
Rimowa Classic Cabin

Design-wise this model’s interior is astounding. The Junker plane, the inspiration for the famous grooves, is printed all over the interior. It adds up to the retro feel. 

Rimowa Classic Cabin Interior
Rimowa Classic Cabin Interior

The design is stylish. As I mentioned, the interior has two Flex Dividers, like the Rimowa Original (Topas).

Materials and durability

As aforementioned, this model is currently available in just silver; and is made using high-end materials listed below:

Outside: Aluminum

Inside: Polyester

Handles: Leather

Wheels: Hard plastic

Dividers: Polyester

The sides of a suitcase are prone to cracks since they are more likely to get hit in transit. However, the Classic cabin has reinforced corners which significantly increases their resistance to impact. 

Like other models, the Rimowa Classic Cabin is made using a high-end aluminium-magnesium alloy shell. Hence, you are assured of its durability. 

However, durability does not mean indestructible. Your Rimowa Classic Cabin will get scratched eventually, and there is no guarantee that it won’t get scratched on the first flight.

Apart from the sturdiness of the case, another thing to note is its wheels. The wheels will eventually go faulty.

Although, on all suitcases, the wheels are often the first to become faulty and will cost you much if you buy new luggage every time something breaks. 

Therefore, concerning durability, a Rimowa always wins. And its wheels stay on longer than any other luggage brand in the market.

Lastly, the fact that Rimowa gives a lifetime guarantee on all suitcases is an assurance not offered by other brands meaning that you don’t have to throw your luggage away every time something breaks. Rimowa will get it fixed!

Storage capacity

The Rimowa Classic Cabin has a storage capacity of 33 liters (8.7 gallon). It is German-designed and built to fit in most aeroplane overhead compartments.

It can cover short trips of up to two days.

How much does the RIMOWA Classic Cabin cost? 

Purchasing one Rimowa Classic Cabin luggage costs $1,400.

Best uses for the RIMOWA Classic Cabin. Is it worth it?

The Rimowa Classic Cabin is perfect as a travel bag for short trips that last two days. However, some may wonder if it is worth owning a Classic Cabin, given its high price.

The answer is not so simple. However, here are some reasons they are worth it:

  • If you are the type that often takes several short trips, then the RIMOWA Classic Cabin is a fantastic choice.
  • They are a fantastic blend of luxury mix with a functional travel bag built with longevity in mind.
  • Every piece of luggage produced by Rimowa was individually tested for quality control testing, including the Classic Cabin.

Nevertheless, if you don’t travel a lot or when you do, you basically empty your wardrobe into your luggage, then the Flight Cabin is not for you. 

In this case, you should consider the Rimowa Original Check-In L Cabin.

Visit our website for more information about other Rimowa models. 



  • Rimowa Classic Cabin comes with RIMOWA's lifetime guarantee.
  • It is lightweight and can easily fit into an aeroplane overhead bin. (of intercontinental airplanes)
  • It features a Flex Divider, which keeps items organised during transit.
  • Its high-end wheel system guarantees effortless mobility.
  • It is engineered to offer a stageless handle for custom height adjustment of your Rimowa Classic Cabin. 
  • It has an ergonomic grip with a leather insert on the underside for optimum comfort.
  • It has a high resale value.
  • TÜV RHEINLAND approves Rimowa products.
  • TSA Locks increase security for your item and can be opened for security checks by TSA agents without any damage to the lock


  • Storage space can't cover trips longer than three days.
  • Despite its high-end price, it is not indestructible. It scratches and dents eventually.
  • It is pricey compared to other brands.
  • It has just two color option.

Final Verdict

I have thoroughly reviewed the Rimowa Classic Cabin in this piece. I gave insight into what you should expect to see when you unbox it, its size, storage capacity, durability, the materials used in making it, and more. Concerning the TSA Lock, I preferred the locks on the Rimowa Original Models. I already made some comparisons with the Rimowa Original (Topas) Cabin Multiwheel 32.0L.  The Classic is a great suitcase; the only real drawback is the locking system which is not well-designed, in my opinion.  But I like the fact that you don't have to go around the suitcase with a zipper. Comparing it to the Original (Topas), somehow, I feel like it is its bigger, more serious brother.  The locking system on the Original (Topas) is just better than the one on the Classic. It's a great and stylish (and aluminium!) suitcase for a reasonable price. With that said, the Classic Cabin is excellent luggage. If you love to travel light or are not a frequent traveler but desire a durable, functional travel bag, then the Rimowa Classic Cabin is the bag for you.