Updated on November 20th, 2022

Rimowa Salsa (Essential) Sport Review


The Rimowa Salsa line (update: It’s now called Essential) is the polycarbonate line from Rimowa. A specific and highly popular model from this line is the Rimowa Salsa Sport. The Sport is a trunk-like suitcase.

What is a Sport

The Sport model is available in the Topas line (aluminium) and the Salsa line (polycarbonate). The difference with a regular suitcase is that the Sport has rectangle form. The depth equals the width. Regular suitcases are less deep than wide.

Why the Sport

Because the Sport is deeper it can hold more volume. The largest Sport has a volume of 100L. Another advantage is that it can hold object with dimensions of approx. 14 x 14 inch. Whereas a regular suitcase can only fit object with dimensions of 14 x 10 inch.

Because of the square bottom, the suitcase is much more stable. It won’t tip over easily. Besides that the Sport looks really cool compared to a regular shaped suitcase.

The Sizes

The Soprt comes in two sizes. In terms of volume 92L and 103L. The smallest Sport is already very large. I don’t really understand why Rimowa produces another Sport, which is identical, except it is only 11 liter larger.

Rimowa Salsa Sport 92L and 103L
Rimowa Salsa Sport 92L and 103L

A reason for producing two different sizes could be that the maximum allowed dimensions for check-in luggage differs per airliner. Some airliner maintain a total size (sum of width, length and depth)  of 62 inch (158 cm). The largest Sport 103L would be too large. The smaller 92L would be allowed. To be honest I’ve never experienced an airliner measuring the dimensions of the check-in luggage. Only thing that is measured is the weight.

The allowed weight differs per airliner between 48 pounds (22 kg) and 70 pounds (32 kg). The downside of the both Sports and especially the 103 liter is that you can easily overpack. This might result in extra fees at the check-in counter. The extra fees can differ between $15 and $75 dollar per extra kilo. (about 2 pounds).

Smallest Sport (92L)

DIMENSIONS 28.7 X 16.9 X 14.8 IN

Largest Sport (103L)

DIMENSIONS 31.5 X 16.9 X 14.8 IN
VOLUME 103.0 L


On webshops like luggagepros.com and zappos.com prices range from $700 to $850. On eBay and other marketplaces you will definitely find better deals, especially when dealing with eBay coupons which can give up to $100 dollar extra discount. Comparing prices can save you a few bucks.

The Colors

The Salsa line comes in different colors as does the Sport. The colors are as follows:

  • Matte Black
  • Carmona Red
  • Matte Bronze
  • Matte Blue
Rimowa Salsa Colors
Rimowa Salsa Colors

The color is not merely a coating but rather a solid color. An advantage is that coloration won’t take place. The original color is still visible in case of dents or scratches.

The Electronic Tag

Like mentioned earlier, the Salsa Sport comes in two sizes the 92L and the 103L. Both of these sizes also come with and without Electronic Tag. Whether the Electronic Tag has added value you can read here.

Sport in Practice

The locks. Let’s start with the locks. These are to me a real pain in the ass. Maybe it’s because I’m used to the locks on the Topas. On the Salsa Sport there is a zipper which goes all the way around the suitcase. So closing it forces you firstly to go around the whole suitcase. When the suitcase is full of stuff it’s even harder to get the zipper around the suitcase. Especially for the last part, where you have to close it up. Once you have closed the zipper you have to fiddle the zipper into the TSA-lock.

Rimowa Salsa Sport Locks
Rimowa Salsa Sport Locks

That was the bad part. From there it’s all positive. The suitcase looks cool and I don’t need to worry it will be scratch or dented like I do with the Topas. The polycarbonate material is so robust and flexible that it’s almost indestructible.

Because the surface is large in comparison to a regular suitcase it’s really stable. No need to worry it will tip over. Manoeuvring is also super smooth. The square size of the Salsa Sport can be not practical when you have small car for transporting it. But the volume really makes up for it.

Topas Sport or Salsa Sport

Previously I wrote an article about the Topas Sport and the Topas Sport is one of my favorite check-in luggages. It’s a really beautiful object but I’m too afraid to check it in. I’m too afraid it will get damaged and damaged in such a way it’s not usable anymore. I I feel much more comfortable checking in the Salsa Sport made of polycarbonate, one of the toughest and lightest materials out there. Another reason why I feel more comfortable checking in the Salsa Sport is the prize. The Topas Sport cost twice as much as the Salsa Sport. The Topas Sport is around $1400 dollar. Another reason why I would choose the Topas is the ease of use. The locks on the Topas are a breath of fresh air compared to the locks on the Salsa Sport.

Rimowa TSA combination lock
Rimowa TSA combination lock
Rimowa TSA combination lock
Rimowa TSA combination lock

What’s worth mentioning is that the Topas Sport is made in either Canada or Germany while the Salsa Sport is mainly made in The Czech Republic. Where it’s made shouldn’t affect the quality but since Rimowa is a German by brand, people tend to prefer the a suitcase from Rimowa to be made in Germany.