Updated on July 21st, 2022

Top 5 Iconic Rimowa models ever made

In 1937 the first Rimowa suitcase with the famous grooves are produced. The grooves were intended to stabilize the aluminum but became later the trademark for the world famous Rimowa suitcases.

Since then many models have been produced some more beautiful then others. From among these models some became instant classics which are highly sought after. Some even have appreciated in value over time.

5. Rimowa Tropicana

Original ad for the Tropicana suitcase

The Tropicana models are designed especially for photographers. The Tropicana model was the first waterproof and ‘Tropenfest’ (suitable for the tropics) suitcase for photographers.

The suitcases are very sturdy and heavy. Maybe a bit too heavy for regular use. Some stores in Germany still sell the suitcase but in general they are very hard to find. Especially the trolley is very beloved among photographers. On eBay they go for nearly $1500,-. This is 3 times higher then the retail price.

Rimowa Tropicana Trolley
Rimowa Tropicana Trolley
Rimowa Tropicana Trolley
Rimowa Tropicana Trolley external telescope handle
Rimowa Tropicana Trolley
Rimowa Tropicana Trolley robust locks and wheels

The trolley without any content is already 15.5 lbs which is pretty heavy compared to the ultra lite Rimowa Essential Lite which is only 4.2 lbs. But the suitcase is super sturdy and I would almost say it’s over-engineered. But as you can see from the pictures it’s a real beauty to behold.

4. Rimowa Piccolo

The Rimowa Piccolo has always been a stranger in our midst. I never understood why some one would purchase this handbag or call it a small suitcase or even a beauty case. I think Rimowa also didn’t know in what category to place it so they gave it the name Piccolo, which means small in Latin. But strange enough the Piccolo is still very popular and especially in Japan people are loving this bag. Rimowa recently revived the Piccolo in a collaboration with Dior, clearly indicating this is a timeless classic.

Rimowa x Dior
Rimowa x Dior revives the Piccolo in 2019

The original models have a strap and the interior consists of a divider and a mirror.

3. The Rimowa Topas Attachée Briefcase

The suitcase which has to be the most featured in a movie must be the Rimowa Topas Attachée Briefcase. The aluminum briefcase is used to carry money, drugs, bombs and nuclear devices, at least in the movies. The briefcase can be seen in Hollywood movies like Ronin, Mission Impossible and many others.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rimowa in movie
Mission Impossible
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rimowa mission impossible
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise

The briefcase is unfortunately discontinued but can still be found on eBay and other online market places. Also the prices of the cases have appreciated over time.

For the 80th anniversary of its signature aluminium, the house produced a fully digital campaign – portraits of Rimowa cases belonging to Karl Lagerfeld, Martha Stewart and the Italian chef Massimo Bottura, among others. Even Karl Lagerfeld owned a Attachée Briefcase.

Gerelateerde afbeelding
Karl Lagerfled’s 2011 original suitcase

4. Rimowa Trunk

It doesn’t get any cooler than this. It’s a real piece of art. I have one myself but I’m too scared to travel with it. Normally I don’t mind if gets scratched or dented. For me this model is just too beautiful to check-in. It’s the suitcase which can hold the most volume. It might not fit the trunk of a small vehicle or you might over-pack and exceed the allowed 50 lbs but you won’t find a more complete check-in luggage than this one. Because of the larger wheels and the square size it rolls very stable and won’t tip over easily.

At the moment they come in three sizes: The Original Trunk, the Original Trunk S and the Original Trunk Plus. The Trunks are also available in the colors black and titanium.

Topas Stealth Sport Topas Titanium Sport Topas Sport
Óriginal Trunk in black, titanium and aluminum color

1. Rimowa Original Cabin

The aluminum cabin trolley used to be called Rimowa Opal. Later it was named Rimowa Topas and nowadays there are even two product ranges from Rimowa that have aluminum cabin trolleys. One goes by the name Rimowa Original and the other one is called Rimowa Classic.

This model is by far the most popular and most sold by Rimowa. A new model will set you back at least $1150 dollar. A pre-owned one goes for around $700 dollar depending on the condition.

The reason why this is the number one classic model is that it’s not only beautiful but it also has a lineage which goes back a few decades. Elements from the earliest model can still be found in the most recent models. The grooves, corners, locks and handles have evolved from the earliest models and are still being perfected in the latest Rimowa Cabin models.

Rimowa Opal
From Rimowa Opal
Rimowa Opal
To Rimowa Topas
Rimowa Original
To Rimowa Original in 2019