Updated on December 7th, 2022

Most celebrities never surrender fashion, even when they are strolling through an airport terminal. That’s why we almost always spot the stars step off the airplane looking runway ready. And luggage is perhaps the most valuable travel accessory. Practically every fashionable celeb has a Rimowa suitcase now.
The brand was born in the late 19th century and it is recognizable for its sleek design and signature grooves. Scroll down to see famous people like Christoph Waltz, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Upton towing their Rimowa around the airport. Let find out the 10 Celebrities Traveling with Rimowa!

1. Jessica Alba with her Rimowa Topas Titanium

jessica alba Celebrities Traveling with Rimowa
Jessica Alba with Rimowa Topas Titanium

Jessica Alba, an American Actress and keen businesswoman lugging the Rimowa Topas Titanium, features lavish looks, style, and glamor, all in one collection. Made from high-class aluminum cases, this luggage line has classy contours without being too heavy.
Sturdy build and a finest color is what make the Titanium collection elite. The luxurious interiors have height-adjusting Flex Divider mechanism allowing you to place your possessions in neat alignment.
The unique Telescopic handle can be extended and has no pre-set stages ensuring superior flexibility assisted by 4 bearing wheels. Double hanger allows effortless lifting of the Titanium if preferred. TSA lock provided in every model of Titanium ensures maximum safety of your luggage during security checks.

2. Katy Perry spotted with the Rimowa Salsa Air – Purple

Katy Perry and John Mayer with Rimowa Salsa Air
Katy Perry and John Mayer with Rimowa Salsa Air

One of the leading American Singer and songwriters, Katy Perry was spotted carrying the Rimowa Salsa Air in lustrous Purple color. The Salsa Air series is acknowledged to be the lightest of all the luggage lines. Moreover, it is offered in varied exciting colors for customers’ serenity. Build from high-grade flexible polycarbonate, this luggage line certainly confirms durability and strength.
The multi-stage mono telescopic handle incorporated in the Rimowa Salsa Air has a firm grip that ensures mobility and also takes up minimum space in the interiors. The inbuilt TSA approved lock in the casing helps in quick security checks without any destruction to the luggage. The dual handles provided offers easy lifting and the two partitioned mesh interiors permits proper placement of your things.

3. Christoph Waltz steering the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe -Yachting Blue

Celebrities Traveling with Rimowa - Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz is at LAX leaving Los Angeles after the holidays.

An ingenious Austrian-German actor, Christoph Waltz was seen sporting the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe in Yachting Blue color. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe luggage line, as the name suggests, features highly luxurious exteriors with extreme capabilities. Made from high-class polycarbonate, Rimowa Salsa Deluxe is very flexible and polished, offered in 4 distinct and lively colors. Some advanced high-tech models have a 3-suiter design for a capacious storage.
The four multi-directional wheels make the conveyance much more effortless and the pop-out dual handles provided assures quick lifting when needed. The height-alterable upright handle makes room for the heavy suitcase or tote bag to be kept on top of it. The exclusive compression clasps in the interiors tightly secure your stuff in place.

4. Ryan Lewis wheeling the sleek Rimowa Topas

Ryan Lewis spotted at Perth Airport with Rimowa Topas

Ryan Lewis, a Successful Music producer, Film director and a part of popular hip-hop duo, lugs the Rimowa Topas luggage in style. Deliberately build for touring to tropical regions, the Topas luggage line features sturdily designed high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy case, but are lightly weighted which is a bonus. Maneuver the Rimowa Topas easily all around with the telescopic stage-less handle mechanism.
The Flex Divider system in the interiors with the compression clasps holds your contents in place without any shift. The 4 sturdy spinner wheels assist quick portability in a smooth way. TSA approved lock integrated into the casing allows for quick access to the luggage without damaging exteriors.

5. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian maneuvering the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe

Kanye and Kim with Rimowa
Kanye and Kim with Rimowa

Renowned rapper and record producer, Kanye West with his spouse Kim Kardashian were spotted steering the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe in a beautiful Black shade. Obtainable in four varied sleek colors, the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe is a combination of strength, style, and high-quality features. Constructed from state-of-the-art procedures and high-quality polycarbonate, it allows maximum flexibility during the travel. The lavish exteriors combined with 4 robust spinner wheels let you steer the luggage smoothly without making any annoying noise.
The dual handles provided for lifting, pop-out from the casing as and when needed. The height can be adjusted as per your liking with the upright handle. The handle allows ample space for tote bags or briefcases to be accommodated on top of it, which is a added bonus. The compression clasps present in the interiors ensures firm holding of your stuff.

6. Kate Upton with the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 3-Suiter

Kate Upton with Rimowa
Kate Upton with Rimowa

Recognized for its amazing spacious dual-chambered interiors, the Rimowa Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 3-Suiter is undoubtedly the most competent luggage case. The famous American Model and actress, Kate Upton lugging the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 3-Suiter in Striking Black color look absolutely sleek. Lightweight and high durability all offered in one luggage line, Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 3-Suiter is the best feature-packed case. The multi-wheel design, leather detailing and telescopic handle on the exterior is what makes it superior.
2-Flex Divider system with compression straps safely and compactly accommodates your insides. Add-a-bag holder lets you grab a quick cup of coffee or attend a call easily by hanging your handheld bag onto it. The high-quality polycarbonate build arranges for better endurance. 2 TSA approved locks make the security check-outs much simpler and hangers offered are extra perks.

7. Julianne Moore spotted directing Rimowa Topas luggage case

Julianne Moore with Rimowa Topas
Julianne Moore with Rimowa Topas

A finest and well-recognized American-British actress, Julianne Moore maneuvers the Rimowa Topas with style. With durability and sleek exteriors, the Rimowa Topas luggage line was initially built for the travels to tropical areas. First-class quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, hard-shell case offers endurance but in a light-weight design for easy-going flexibility. The exclusive precise grooves on the exteriors enhance its look elegantly.
The telescopic thin handle has stage-less mechanism and the multi-wheel design of the case allows smooth rapid spinning without making noise. Unique Flex Divider system with the compression fasteners will hold your belongings compactly without dislocation. TSA approved lock inbuilt in the case will be recognized easily on any security check-points.

8. Yang Shuo stylishly directing the Rimowa Salsa

Yang Shuo with Rimowa
Yang Shuo with Rimowa

The polycarbonate-made shell of the Rimowa Salsa series is highly sturdy and durable to maneuver during your travels. Popular Chinese Actor, Yang Shuo was spotted wheeling the Rimowa Salsa smartly. Light-weight design and multiple handling options like dual handles and telescopic handle allow easy lifting as well as smooth wheeling, as per your convenience. The multi-wheel design integrated with ball bearings allows 360 degrees rotation, making it extremely flexible to carry around speedily.
Widely recognized TSA-safe lock will make the security check-outs simpler. The two partitioned interiors are provided, with one side having mesh zipper compartment and the other side having compression clasps system to hold your luggage easily. This luggage line is one of the most popular luggage among the celebs.

9. Rita Ora modishly carrying Rimowa Limbo

Rita Ora with Rimowa
Rita Ora with Rimowa

Rita Ora, the famed British Actress as well as Singer, wheeling the Rimowa Limbo Luggage case stylishly, look quite comfortable. The top-notch polycarbonate-made Limbo shell with the sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy frame is what makes it so unique from other Rimowa luggage lines. Limbo series is a first-rate blend of strong, lightweight and durable design with lustrous appearances. Accessible in 5 different sleek colors, the Rimowa certainly brings sophistication to your looks.
Corner guards made from aluminum protect the bag from any possible wear. It has total 3 handles, 2 for lifting the Limbo effortlessly and a Telescopic handle for smooth wheeling. The add-a-bag strap is smartly integrated so that you can attach any bag onto it handily. The 2-Flex Divider system with compression clasps in the interiors offers ample space for storing things securely.

10. XU Qing spotted with the Rimowa Classic Flight and Topas

Xu Qing with Rimowa Classic Flight
Xu Qing with Rimowa Classic Flight

XU Qing, the famous Chinese Actress carries the Rimowa Classic Flight and Rimowa Topas in flair with ease. The Rimowa Classic Flight is an elegant retro luggage line build from high-quality aluminum. Precisely handcrafted cases of Rimowa Classic Flight make its design exceedingly unique as compared to the other Rimowa luggage line. Another special feature is the exclusive telescopic handles made from leather backs for the high endurance that they offer.
Integrated with the TSA-safe lock, the security check-out will be executed without damaging the suitcase in any possible way. The sleek and lustrous exterior looks with functional interiors make it an ideal choice for any journey. The Rimowa Topas and Rimowa Classic Flight both have a multi-wheel system with 360 degrees rotation for prompt steering.


All the Rimowa Luggage lines, be it Aluminum or polycarbonate build models, both offers grace, strength and feature-packed luggage cases for resilient maneuvering while you travel. Every Rimowa model is built with exceptional detailing and offers high endurance, which is why it is chosen by all the top celebs and people who seek excellence in design and quality, without compromising on style.