Updated on March 19th, 2023

Looking for a perfect suitcase for a long trip? You cannot go wrong with the RIMOWA Original Trunk.

The RIMOWA Original Trunk (92575004) is a high-quality grooved aluminum suitcase from the prestigious RIMOWA brand. It’s a four-wheel spinner measuring 73 x 44 x 36.5 cm (28.8 x 17 x 14.8 inches) with a 90L (23.6 Gal) internal capacity, making it perfect for packing enough stuff for long trips.
If you like high-quality travel suitcases or the prestige of trotting suitcases from top-tier brands, you’ll like the Rimowa Trunk.

But what exactly makes the RIMOWA Original Trunk special? This detailed review of the RIMOWA Original Trunk outlines everything you need to know about this premium suitcase.
Read on to find out why it may be right for you! Read until the end to find the most honest verdict you will ever find.

Rimowa Original Trunk Product Description

The RIMOWA Original trunk comes with one of the most iconic luggage designs. The aluminum suitcase features grooves running from top to bottom.
The RIMOWA Original trunk is designed and engineered in Germany. It is made from high-end anodized aluminum, making the suitcase robust and durable as typical RIMOWA suitcases. However, it is surprisingly lightweight as it weighs only 6.1 kg (13.4 lbs). The grooved suitcase is available in two colors – silver and black.

Product Experience 

What should you expect when you buy the RIMOWA Original Trunk and bring home the box, or when you order it online, and the box is delivered to your home? We’ll cover this in three subheadings:

  • Unboxing the RIMOWA Original Trunk
  • Exterior design of the RIMOWA Original Trunk
  • Interior details of the RIMOWA Original Trunk

Unboxing the Rimowa Original Trunk

The RIMOWA Original Trunk comes in a double-layered carton box which is sealed closed at the top and bottom. The box fits the suitcase snugly. This keeps the suitcase better protected, preventing it from moving around in the box during transportation.

It also means that, when unboxing, you should not press your boxcutter down too hard so that you will not mistakenly cut through the box and leave cut marks on the suitcase.

Inside the box, the RIMOWA Original Trunk is wrapped in a wool dust bag. You can use the bag to store the suitcase afterward. Although, many people will reason that it will be too much of a hassle to slide the suitcase in and out of the dust bag every time they use it.

Exterior design of the Rimowa Original Trunk

The RIMOWA Original trunk continues the brand’s legacy of making beautiful suitcases. It is simply stunning. 

The Groove

While most RIMOWA models feature a new type of groove that stops just before the edge, the Original Trunk has grooves running till the edge. 

It is the same style of grooves you’ll find in Trunk Plus and Cabin S. The groove style shows that the Original Trunk is made from one piece of aluminum. 

The Logo

The exterior of the RIMOWA Original Trunk also features the “RIMOWA” logo sitting prominently on top of the suitcase. 

Like most RIMOWA models, the logo bothers on being too big. Its position is the top edge of the suitcase’s front, sweeping from the top to the side. So, it is visible in both the plan view and front elevation.

The Handle

The handles of the Original Trunk are made of plastic. They are easily adjustable for maximum comfort and smooth maneuverability.

The Wheels

The Rimowa suitcase features the multi-wheel system pioneered by RIMOWA. It features ball-bearing mounted wheels and cushioned axels to offer stable and effortless steering.

The suitcase is a four-wheel spinner. Also, the wheels are not retractable, instead they are always fully out. The wheels are made of hard plastic, making them very durable. The middle of the wheels features the refreshed RIMOWA logo.

The Locks

The Rimowa Original suitcase also features TSA-approved locks. The two aluminum shells of the suitcase, when snapped shut, can be locked by the two combination locks on the side of the suitcase.

You’ll notice that the locks feature a keyhole. People often start looking for the key in the suitcase or box. However, the keyhole is for the master key, which the customs have. It makes opening the Original Trunk easy during airline baggage checks. Customs can open and check it without breaking the lock.

RIMOWA can do more to educate customers about this (TSA-approved locks).

TSA-approved lock

Interior details of the Original Trunk

The RIMOWA Original Trunk has a high-end interior with a rich black color. The inside of the suitcase is laid with a water-repellent cloth.

The interior of either shell of the suitcase also features a Flex Divider made of polyester. These features ensure that items you pack (like clothes) are kept in perfect order during transit. Another function is to compress your luggage.

The flex dividers are height-adjustable, so you can adjust them to suit the volume of the items you pack. The flex dividers also hold a smaller compartment, where you can keep small items like socks.

Rimowa Trunk interior

Rimowa Original Trunk Storage Capacity

The RIMOWA Original Trunk is a relatively large suitcase. Its internal capacity is 90L (23.6 Gal), while its dimension is 73 x 44 x 36.5 cm (28.8 x 17 x 14.8 inches).

Trunk dimensions

Thus, the RIMOWA Original Trunk is suitable for travelers who will check in their luggage.

Though the regulations vary slightly, most airlines allow passengers to check-in luggage under 62 linear inches. A linear inch is a sum of the height, width, and depth of the luggage. With the RIMOWA Original Trunk measuring 28.8 x 17 x 14.8 inches, it is 60.6 linear inches, making it perfect for airport check-in. The Original Trunk can also be taken on most trains without attracting additional fees, and it fits into the trunks of virtually every car. 

Since the suitcase is very spacious, it gives you the freedom to pack whatever you want. It’s an excellent suitcase to have if you are packing for a long trip of about 7 – 10 days or if you are packing for more than one person.

How Much Does the Rimowa Original Trunk Cost

The RIMOWA Original is a high-end hard shell suitcase costing €1,400.00 or $2,125.00.

However, there are ways to get good deals on RIMOWA, allowing you to buy the premium suitcases for relatively lower prices.

Rimowa Original Trunk S

Is the Rimowa Original Trunk a Good Investment?

RIMOWA Original Trunk is a good investment because it combines a top-quality product and a prestigious brand name.

Some travelers may feel that the RIMOWA Original Trunk is too pricey. It can even be argued that, for the price of one Original Trunk, one can get two or three good-quality suitcases elsewhere. 

However, there’s no doubt that RIMOWA makes some of the best suitcases. The company is backed by years of research in luggage technologies and has many successes. It also uses some of the best and most durable materials in luggage manufacture.

The RIMOWA Original Trunk features these highly durable materials and premium technologies to be one of the very best suitcases on the market.

Another argument is that you will have a good return on investment. The value of the suitcase will remain high or will even increase. It’s also a beautiful item to pass on to your loved ones.

In addition to the quality of the product, having the Original Trunk gives you the prestige of trotting a RIMOWA suitcase. 

Ready to showcase a premium suitcase on your long trips?

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  • Simply a beautiful object. The almost cube like shape in combination with the aluminum exterior makes it a real eye-catcher
  • Spacious, you won't easily find a larger suitcase
  • Because of it's unique shape you are able to put in larger objects which wouldn't fit in a less deeper suitcase
  • Keeps it's value and might even increase in value
  • A suitcase which will last a lifetime and can even be bought for generations to come


  • Pricey
  • The aluminum can dent and scratch easily especially in baggage control
  • The exterior differs from the exterior of the Cabin
  • You can easily over-pack and exceed the maximum allowed weight

Final Verdict

To be honest, really really honest. If you look for the most stylish and most aesthetically refined check-in luggage then this one is for you. There is no Check-In luggage more pleasing to the eye than this one. But. BUT. If you look at it from a functional and financial stand point then this suitcase has it's cons. The cube like shape can be very beneficial if you have very bulky items. But if you need to transport this suitcase in a small car then it might not be that convenient. The aluminum looks great but it will dent and it will scratch and baggage handlers won't be easy on your Rimowa Trunk. And for you people who like to show off. You can show off you Rimowa Trunk only from your doorstep to the cab and from the cab to the check-in counter on the airport. Maybe you well get a view look at the hotel but that's about it.