Check if your carry-on is allowed on board. Validate your carry-on with more than 180 airliners. It doesn’t necessarily mean your suitcase won’t be allowed on board when your suitcase is too high, wide or deep according to the tool. It means that isn’t allowed according to the airliner regulation. Many airliners don’t actually check the size of your carry-on other airliners do. For business, first class or frequent flyers the regulations are more relaxed. The validation is based on economy travel.

A low-cost airliner is an airline that offers generally low fares in exchange for eliminating many traditional passenger services. In most cases the maximum allowed dimensions are strictly maintained.

Metric (centimeter)
Imperial (inch)

Fill in height of suitcase (outer dimensions)

Fill in width of suitcase (outer dimensions)

Fill in depth of suitcase (outer dimensions)

Maximum allowed height, width, depth per airliner

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