Updated on December 4th, 2022

Rimowa vs Samsonite, two big names when it comes to luggage. And both of them have almost similar product lines. They both sells carry-on bags, roll able luggage, laptop bags and other travel accessories. But Rimowa is more exclusive, stylish and expensive, while Samsonite is ‘the people’s bag’ that is durable and ready for anything.

Well, you can say both Rimowa and Samsonite claim to be industry leaders. So today, we will be comparing the two big brands – Rimowa vs Samsonite – on different parameters.

Before starting, let’s take on a brief history of both the brands.


Founded in 1898 in Germany, Rimowa is a family owned business. First introduced by Paul Morszeck, his idea to make lightweight and sturdy luggage turned into a goldmine. After years of wooden cases getting a considerable following of world travelers, Paul’s son Richard Morszeck launched the first aluminum cases in 1937. The metal trunks are designed for overseas travel and the lightweight metal was inspired from the German airplane, Junker aircraft, a two-engine World War II. This proved to be the first innovative idea that made Rimowa a global success. Even the brand name Ri-mo-wa is derived from the initials of Richard-Morszeck-Warenzeichen. Warenzeichen is a German word that means Trademark.

Rimowa markets itself as a very exclusive brand and has the support of very famous and rich in marketing brands.

A Quick Note: It’s worth mentioning here that, Rimowa has invented polycarbonate cases and has TSA lock on the products for fast and smooth security checks in Airports.


Samsonite was founded in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder in Denver, Colorado. It is an American luggage manufacturer and retailer. Shwayder was a religious man, who initially named one of his initial cases as Samson, after the Biblical strongman. He changed its name to Samsonite in 1966. Now, it’s a very popular and well-known brands, it’s there in the luggage business for more than 100 years.

Though it’s not as cutting edge or trendy as Rimowa but the products are strong and durable.

What they are best for:
Rimowa – Rimowa is best for frequent travelers who travel across the World and looking for durable yet stylish luggage. It is great luggage for traveling to remote places.

Samsonite – While on the other hand, Samsonite is best for people who are looking for a durable product at an affordable price.



The luggage are very attractive and sturdy though there are some complains of damaged corners in aluminum pieces.
You can get the aluminum collection worldwide.
Its poly-carbonate cases are lightweight and durable and continue to look new for an extended time.
It offers easy maneuverability through its trademarked multi-wheel system.
Much of the fine craftsmanship on the luggage are crafted by hand, making the luggage look very original with a look of quality. Also it stays looking good longer.
Certain products of Rimowa like Salsa Hybrid have some advanced features, such as ‘add a hook’ feature to attach your handbags and ‘flex dividers’ to adjust and keep your content in place.


The biggest advantage that you get, while purchasing a Samsonite luggage is that you get mid-range price coupled with the brands durability.
It markets a line to women – bags, luggage and accessories in appealing colors.
The downloadable travel app of Samsonite allows the travelers to track their miles and get discounts and rewards on their Samsonite purchases.
It offers a thirty day return policy to their customers.


With 80 stores around the globe, Rimowa can be purchased online in certain countries. The website of Rimowa is very attractive and showcases the products very well, but practically, consumers may find it a little difficult if looking for answer about the item the customer is interested in.

The popular models like the Topas Cabins and the Topas Sport series are very quickly sold out. Sometimes one have to wait for weeks until they become available again. The Photo case models like the Tropicana are very hard to get. The Rimowa stores don’t even sell them.

Samsonite products are also found in many retail stores across the world. It can also be purchased from an Authorized Retailer or repair center of Samsonite or American Tourister. You can also buy the brand online from Samsonite website, Amazon or more.

So, we can say there availability is not an issue with both of them. They both are available for purchase both online as well as in-store. Certain models from Rimowa are harder to get than others.


Rimowa is a luxurious brand designed for World travels so it’s a bit pricey, while Samsonite comes with an affordable price range which is suitable for everyone.

When it comes to price, Rimowa comes on top in comparison to similar luggage categories of competitor companies. The aluminum cases of Rimowa are priced from $980 to $2260 and the polycarbonate cases are priced from $850 to $1420. Whereas Samsonite offers a much lower price as compared to other luggage brands available in the market. Its luggage price ranges from $63 to $600 depending on the size the luggage.

Built and Look

Rimowa makes both traditional aluminum cases and light luggage made of high-tech material carbonate. Rimowa cases are used by everyone across the globe, from celebrities, professional photographers and stylists to journalists. People love its super-rich look that protects their precious possessions perfectly. Rimowa cases were also featured in the blockbuster movie ‘The Avengers’. So, Rimowa surely stands out when it comes to built and looks.

Whereas, Samsonite sells luggage and doesn’t focus as much on looks and experience, like Rimowa. But it offers durability.


Rimowa has repair shops across the globe, so you can get a service no matter where you go. While Samsonite also offers repair for damaged or defective products to their customers.

Return, Refund and Exchange Policy

Since 2022 Rimowa offers a life time warranty. The guarantee is applicable only if the malfunctioning is found to be due on a manufacturing defect. If the product is misused, according to what the manufacturer deems proper use, then the guarantee will be void.

Samsonite offers a 30-day return policy, accepting returns only for unused merchandise within 30 days from the date of shipping. They refund you for the total cost of merchandise plus applicable sales tax. They do not refund you the shipping and handling charges unless incorrect or damaged product arrives.


From the above comparison we can say that both the brands are durable. Also they offer a great customer service. But, if you are looking for a rich, premium and trendy look with maximum durability then Rimowa is a great choice for you. Whereas, Samsonite offers you what you pay for. It is a good choice, if you are looking for a good luggage for less money.